LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Comes to DVD With ‘Brain Drain’

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LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls is my favorite Friends line. Moreover, I love the Warner Brothers LEGO iterations for screen, be it movie, television, or video game. They’re always smart and fun with a pop of sarcasm.

True to LEGO video tradition, the trailer for the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls DVD Brain Drain brings exactly what you’d expect. Harley Quinn is adorably perfect in this. With her New Joysey accent, she tells us “I can barely remember five minutes ago!” She has the right pop of discombobulated mixed with common sense to make this version of the character work within her overarching mythos. Batgirl is clearly the logical one walking her friends through the process of trying to figure out what happened. Supergirl gets all teenagery with her “Aww maaann.” Wonder Woman brings her usual calm self to the table to relax her friends back in.

Bumblebee and Katana add to the mix briefly showing us that we’re not going to be limited to just the original trio. As with everything LEGO, the characters note the importance of teamwork grounds us and reminds us this is the same franchise that brought us The LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman.

If your kids are too little to watch the Wonder Woman movie this weekend, have no fear. There’s a plethora of DC Super Hero Girls coming your way from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment with Digital HD on July 25th and DVD on August 8th.

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