The Wonder Woman Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I suppose I could insert a comment here about how every mom is a Wonder Woman but I’d rather focus on another element: there are more Wonder Woman gifts to be had this year than any other year.

That’s due to the movie.

For me, that’s still not quite been enough. I wanted to be covered in all the Wonder Woman things by now, with the movie set to release on June 2. But even my local Hot Topic doesn’t have a dedicated Amazon display yet. Boo!

However, that doesn’t mean the cupboard is bare. Warner Brothers has a nice selection at their store, Her Universe has fitness-oriented gear which is available at Kohl’s, and Hot Topic has a few things as well. Here are my favorites from those selections.

First up, Fandango has Wonder Woman movie tickets on sale, of course.

Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess Handbag ($54.95)

Wonder Woman Movie Amazon Princess bag
Wonder Woman purse, image via WB

Now, this is the WW handbag I’ve been waiting for!

Wonder Woman movie Ladies Bomber Jacket  ($54.95 to $56.95)

Wonder Woman Movie Bomber Jacket, image via WB

The Fandango shop has these cool Wonder Woman leggings for $19.99.

Wonder Woman leggings
image via Fandango

Kohl’s has a great array of DC and Wonder Woman products but there was one particular shirt that drew my eye:

My lasso, my rules Wonder Woman shirt
From the Kohl’s Her Universe collection.

I have two Hot Topic stores near me. Their inventory tends to vary from store to store but I’ve found numerous t-shirts and jackets there. However, my current favorite is a gorgeous Wonder Woman dress. ($54.45)

Wonder Woman formal dress
Wonder Woman formal dress, image via Hot Topic

Ah, but enough of clothing, you say! Let’s talk shoes:

Journeys has a new-style Wonder Woman hi-top Converse sneaker but it’s not my favorite of the Wonder Woman sneakers they’ve done. Instead, I like these (which I own) available over at Bonanza. (Cost, $59.95)

Wonder Woman Hi-Top Sneakers
Converse Hi-Top WW sneakers.


And jewelry!

The DC Shop has this Wonder Woman tiara and bracelet set for $34.95

Wonder Woman movie tiara and bracelet
Wonder Woman tiara and bracelet, image via DC Shop

Don’t forget the books, either!

The Legend of Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Origins

Zeus and Wonder Woman part ways in Legend of Wonder Woman #7, image copyright DC Comics

Wonder Woman Volume 1: The Lies

Wonder Woman #11, art by Nicola Scott

And, last but not least, the classic run by George Perez, Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Volume 1

George Perez Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman by George Perez, image via DC Comics

Still not sure? Perhaps the mother in your life likes to build and this might be just her thing! This is the DC SuperHeroGirls Wonder Woman Dorm set. ($19.99) I’m already coveting the motorcycle for my desk.







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  1. Oh thank you! I just ordered the Formal Wonder Woman dress from Hot Topic! It was 50% off and only $1 for shipping. I already have the WW boots from another costume and this year at Halloween I picked up a fancier cape and fancy crown and arm cuffs. I am so gonna rock this outfit on June 2 at the opening of the WW movie with my family. My husband has the uniform to go as the Major Trevor. Now we just have to score another costume for our son.

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