Star Wars Halloween Costume Giveaway

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School has started, the days are getting shorter, the weather is cooling off, it’s now time for that big question, the one that causes angst in even the most laid back kid–

What am I going to wear for Halloween?

The folks at want to make your life easier. They offer a great selection of Star Wars costumes from budget to luxe for kids and adults.

Come on, isn’t that costume the cutest? (Star Wars rules in my house, if my child could fit in that, she’d probably be wearing it. Right now she’s making noises about light sabers.)

We’re giving away your choice of any child’s Star Wars costume. Which costume would you choose?

Want to win? All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me who your favorite Star Wars character is.

Sorry, but contest is US only. Contest closes October 5th, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST, winner will be notified by email. One entry per person.

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40 thoughts on “Star Wars Halloween Costume Giveaway

  1. Well, since many of our presents for Yule come from Darth Vader, he is definitely a favorite in our house. We always make sure the presents from him are a bit dark, for obvious reasons.

  2. My son loves “Darf Mader,” because he survived hot lava and has a red light saber. I love Leia since she’s embraces her inner honey badger.

  3. My five year old is crazy for Anakin. The best part is that when he’s pretending to be him, he insists that he will NOT go to the dark side and will, in fact, remain a “true jedi.” Darth Vader is redeemed daily at our house.

  4. Oh my favorite is so R2-D2. I don’t know how they managed to make a robot who only squeaks, clicks, and beeps sassy, but they totally did. Plus, he’s always there to help out when needed.

    Though I would probably rather disguise my daughter as an Ewok…

  5. I’m an Anakin fan. 🙂 My son likes to run around the house with his lightsaber, pretending to be Anakin (as he says, “Back when he was good!”).

  6. Hmmm, so hard to choose!

    My favorite would be Han Solo. My son’s favorite is Luke Skywalker, my daughter’s is Leia, and my husband’s is Darth Vader!

  7. Personally, I my favorite character is Padme. Thing 1 (oldest son) loves Anakin, Thing 2 (middle son) is all for Yoda, and Thing 3 (youngest son) thinks R2D2 is the best! 😀

  8. My husbands favorite character is Darth Vader. He even stops fast forwarding through the commercials on DVR recorded shows to watch that new commercial. For me it’s a tough call between Leia and Padme because both are such strong female characters. My 5 year old daughter’s favorite is Princess Leia, because she’s a princess!

  9. Well, my hubby would most likely like to see me in a Princess Leia costume. Not that that would ever happen. Oh wait, that’s not the question you are asking! 😉

    It would be a hard choice between R2, 3PO, or DV for my son. But likely a Jedi would work best because he hates things on his head!

    My hubby would kill me if I tried to dress him up as an Ewok!

  10. My favorite is Leia, and I come down on the Luke side of the Han/Luke debate.

    I am not sure at all who my kids like best, it’s the youngest who comes home with tales of beating bad guys with lightsabers on the playground. She recently even took out a pencil to stand in for a lightsaber. Fortunately, it hadn’t been sharpened…

  11. Leah has always been one of my heros, ever since I was eight, and my dad took my to a showing of Return of the Jedi.

    And then many years later I got pregnant, and my husband felt our first child kick for the first time while the theme from “Star Wars” was blasting from the TV. We knew then it was a girl, since the planned girl name was “Leah” (pronounced like the princess, of course).

  12. I didn’t know about this costume website, so thanks. My son would love the Boys General Grievous Costume. I loved the traditional Princess Leia costume.

    We can’t get enough of Star Wars in our house, so thanks for a chance to win!

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