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Way back when, the family Kickstarter-ed the IAmElemental Wave One set. In all, we were pretty pleased with them. Hubs and I liked the diversity of abilities portrayed by the collection and the company’s core message of girl-power, both as it applied to our daughter and to our son; we feel strongly feminism is a two way street and should focus on equality rather than the “anything you can do, I can do better,” school of thought. The kids loved the variety amongst the action figures in everything from color to accessories to powers. The girl child carried the lunch box everywhere for months and the toys themselves were constant companions for both I & Z, coming on adventures around town with us and even making the longer hauls on vacations. Our only complaint was that, to use capes or wings or any other bits and bobs, one had to remove the figures’ heads. The kids weren’t able to do it on their own, which was a bit frustrating for them, and after a couple of rounds of “on again, off again,” the heads started to come off when neither we not the wee ones wanted them to. Things being what they are, most of them were eventually lost to the cats or the couch or the vents or the creepy underside of the oven.

It was for that reason I didn’t originally order the Wave Two set. IAmElemental very kindly sent me a review set, however, and I am happy to report the head issues has been solved. This second wave is much more sturdy and has stood up to a fair bit of abuse at the hands of very enthusiastic four- and seven-year-olds and, after several months, no one has done an Ozma. The ladies have become part of the rather large action figure community assembling and re-assmebling in our too-small-for-all-the-stuff house and have enthusiastically joined the girl’s huge, ongoing adventure drama.

As for the rest of the review? I’ll let the consumers speak for themselves:


Both waves of IAmElemental action figures can be purchased at the company’s website.

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