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Did you know the world record for eating hard-boiled eggs is 65 in 6min 40sec, by Sonya Thomas in 2003? She would have eaten more but they ran out of eggs. Although I love eggs (part of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks in my house- I even make my own curry pickled eggs) I was amazed at what people do with eggs beyond eating them. So take a break! And check out some art, science, and facts you didn’t know you needed to know about EGGS.

You can carve eggs and paint eggs, and join a community of people who make art with eggs.

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Did you know the Guinness World Record for omelette making is held by Howard Helmer, who made 427 omelettes in 30 minutes? Something to share with your loved ones. Want some more egg facts?

Question: How long does it take for a hen to lay an egg?
Answer: 25 hours from the initial phase of ovulation to egg laying. After the egg is laid, her body will rest for approximately 30 minutes and then she will ovulate again and start the entire process over.

Question: Should you wash your eggs?
Answer: No, even according to the USDA, it is not necessary to wash your eggs because of the increased risk of introducing microbes into the egg. The washing water/solution can be pulled into the egg through the shell’s pores. As the hen lays the eggs, they coat them in a protective coating called a bloom. This bloom essentially seals the egg helping to keep moisture in and germs out. All eggs that are processed in the store are mandated to be washed by the FDA but they have strict regulations and guidelines for washing.

Question: What are Thousand Year Old Eggs?
Answer: These eggs are popular in Chinese cuisine. The eggs have undergone a process that takes months to years involving packing and coating the eggs in a variety of substances including salt, ash, clay, rice, wood ash, and tea. There are three types including Hulidan, Dsaudan, and Pidan. Each type has a unique process that changes the egg’s taste ranging from salty, lime flavored, or wine flavored.

Now do some egg stuff with your kids:

Jello eggs! I remember it as an April Fool’s joke one year we did on my aunt and uncle while visiting for Easter.

Bouncing egg? Yes! Or how about filling an egg with confetti and smashing it on someone’s head? It’s a time-honored tradition! Check out that an other easy egg crafts here.

I also found some… interesting uses for egg-shaped crystals. But this is a family friendly site, so, ladies, go check it out “yoni eggs” yourself.

And I’ll leave you with the egg song. Absolutely adorable. You can hear it in the original Korean here.

Now go back to whatever you were doing, perhaps eating an egg?

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