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I have a thing for luggage. I’ve been known to haunt the luggage sections of department stores, looking for bargains. I’m not sure exactly why. Part of it is the fantasy of it all. If I’m buying luggage, I’m traveling, and I love traveling.

But I also love looking at the different luggage designs. I favor bold and bright so I can recognize them on a luggage carousel. No boring blues or blacks for me.

As for geeky luggage, well, you can find a lot of it, especially Star Wars themed.

This is my latest purchase. I’m a little worried TSA might not have a sense of humor about it, but here’s hoping they are Star Wars fans:

Rogue One 21″ spinner, image via American Tourister

The interior is also quite nice, with two separate compartments separated by a zippered lining:

The interior of the 21″ Rogue One Spinner, photo by Corrina Lawson

Maybe this one would be more acceptable to TSA, however?

image via Samsonite

There is, of course, classic Star Wars  designs available. like numerous variations of R2D2: (Not pictured: C-3PO versions.)

Image via American Tourister

Chewbacca is easy to spot in airports. This one is a 28′ spinner.

Image via American Tourister

I found this Darth Vader set which I love to pieces but, alas, it seems no longer available. Perhaps you might find it over on eBay?

Darth Vader luggage, image via

Where can you find your own? I’ve included Amazon links for the items pictured above but,, and HerUniverse all have continually updating luggage sections. (Right now, ThinkGeek has the best price on a Darth Vader-styled carry-on.) For certain, your luggage isn’t going to be lost in the crowd if you go with a geek theme. Unless you’re at the Atlanta airport arriving for DragonCon, that is.

And we won’t get into my fondness for superhero laptop and backpacks bags, which are generally cheaper and thus easier to obtain, and thus more numerous in my house than the luggage that I covet.

Oh, hey, look at that new Wonder Woman wrist purse at ThinkGeek…excuse me, I have to go check whether I’ve blown my accessory budget yet or not.

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  1. i love those bagpack resone is different luggage designs
    & very spacious can carry on lot of stuff .different styles
    As for geeky luggage, well, you can find a lot of it, especially Star Wars themed
    gereat materials

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