‘Streetpass Mii Plaza,’ The Nintendo 3DS’s Best Kept Secret

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© Nintendo

I’ve had a Nintendo 3DS for a long time, but never realized that there were games hiding on the handheld console just waiting for me to discover. After hearing about a StreetPass Mii Plaza update last month, my first reaction was, “What is Mii Plaza? It’s already on my 3DS?”

© Nintendo
© Nintendo

My reaction now is to carry my 3DS everywhere I go in the small hope that StreetPass will encounter a new Mii.

So what is StreetPass Mii Plaza?

Your little Mii that resides on the 3DS has access to costumes, mini-games, and more in this recently updated game that comes with the system. As you encounter other Miis while your 3DS is out and about, those characters will join up with you in the Mii Plaza to give you puzzle pieces, go on a quest, and more.

The mini-games that it comes with are free, with “premium” games offered for the price of a smartphone app. If you enjoy quiet games like Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life, chances are you’ll love the premium games offered in StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Ultimate Angler © Nintendo
Ultimate Angler © Nintendo

Ultimate Angler, one of the new premium games that also debuted last month, is an amusing way to spend some time with the characters you’ve met over StreetPass. The Mii characters give you bait and you head out together to fish the deep sea. If there’s a large catch on your hook, your new friends will team up to help you reel it in. Put the fish in a custom aquarium, or let it go free. Along the way you’ll earn points and coins to upgrade your aquarium and fishing rod to catch an even bigger fish.

Flower Town is my other current pastime on StreetPass Mii Plaza. Visitors to your garden will help your flowers grow into beautiful blooms and unique new breeds. Grown plants can be sold or used for jobs offered by the florist in town. You’ll while away the hours upgrading your garden, harvesting seeds, and buying flower pots to get your garden just right.

If you’re discouraged by the use of the StreetPass feature to invite guests to your plaza because there aren’t many 3DS players in your area, you can visit your local Best Buy to take advantage of the Nintendo Zone. Airports and conventions are other fantastic spots for meeting other Miis. Or, if all else fails, you can spend Play Coins to call NPC Miis to help you fish, garden, fight, and more.

With just the free features, StreetPass Mii Plaza is a fantastic way to get even more bang for your buck for the New Nintendo 3DS. I hope our Miis cross paths one day!

GeekMom received promotional copies for review purposes.

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