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5 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

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March 2nd each year  is the most wonderful of days!

It's important to celebrate in the most wonderful of ways!

With hats on your heads, and socks on your toes

You're ready to conquer wherever you go!

And if the wind changes direction or your shadow grows long

Don't think all your thinking is proving you wrong.

Grab that match that is knowledge, light the torch in your mind!

We have candles a'burning and a party to find!Evil Genius Mum, 2017

March 2nd is known in many literary circles for being Dr Seuss’ birthday. If my other article (7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Seuss) didn’t scare you away from the man behind the books, then here is the place to pick up some ideas for celebrating!

Crazy Cooking From Kazoo

I don’t know about your kids, but my spawnlings love to celebrate anything by making a mess in the kitchen. Dr Seuss is no exception. But the idea of eating green eggs and ham (even just with food colouring) makes me want to barf. SO! The folks at Seussville have a far nicer option available: The Cat’s Hat Parfait – a delicious combination of strawberries and vanilla yoghurt or ice-cream. This is a far better celebratory breakfast to wake up to!

Dr Seuss Breakfast
Image by Seussville

Wear Your Hat With Pride

Dr Seuss was The Cat in the Hat. He had a HUGE collection of hats and adored so many different designs and styles. Over the last three years or so, there have been a few exhibitions fortunate enough to display a small part of his collection. For his birthday, I challenge you to create the most fantastical hat ever!! The type of hat that would have Dr. Seuss say “Now that’s my kind of hat!!”

Create Your Own Spectacular Animals

Not the hat kind of person? Then let’s put your creative skills to work in a more Seuss-like setting. Sit down with the kids and just create your own creatures. Some of the most memorable parts in a Dr Seuss book come down to the absolutely absurd creatures he would share!

Explore The Places You’ll Go

This one is fun: Take a couple of paper aeroplanes and stick some blu-tack (like sticky putty) on the nose. Then throw the planes randomly at a map. Wherever the plane lands is the start of your next imaginary adventure. Think left and think right about all the amazing stories you could share from this magical place. Who knows? It might be the beginning of the next family holiday…

Plant or Find Your Own Reading Tree

Towards the end, Dr. Seuss was quite vocal in his views on environmental conservation and encouraging kids through reading. The best way you could honor Dr. Seuss on his birthday would be to plant a tree. The next best thing after that would be finding an existing tree to sit under and read a book together.

Reading Dr Seuss

These are just some ideas to get you started. Of course, Dr. Seuss was all about the creative and critical thought. Share your ideas below and let’s celebrate his birthday with lots of thinking!!

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  2. You should check out The Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook! Awesome recipes and fun pictures

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