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You Can Buy Skulls for Your Fire Pit from Amazon Now

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flaming skull
Image courtesy Amazon.com

If you’ve always wanted to have the perfect accessory for your fireplace, grill, or fire pit, here it is. A fireproof skull, which the seller advertises as being “steel reinforced, plus produced with lave [sic] granules plus significant heat ceramic refractory which is employed to check rocket machines.”

Skull logs
Image courtesy Amazon.com

Now, these skull logs don’t have hollow eyes, so no flames-out-of-the-eyes action, and at $65 a pop, it will cost a pretty penny to go for the full pile of skulls. In fact, they’re not flammable at all, so unless you’ve got a gas fireplace, they’d really be better as fire pit liners or maybe a single skull you put in the center of your fire pit as a grisly discovery for your barbecue guests when they’ve had a few beers and let the fire pit die down a little (just what meat was it that you were serving? Where’s Bob?)

If you’ve read this and discovered that your life is still incomplete without a skull in your fireplace or fire pit (or why not both?) You can buy them from Amazon in either black skull or white skull varieties.

Hat tip to BoingBoing, who got it from  Geekologie, who got it from The Awesomer, who got it from Amazon, and now you don’t have to keep clicking if your immediate reaction is “just shut up and take my money.”

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