Sci Chic Offers Products and Subscription Boxes for Nerdy Jewelry Wearers

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The Phases of the Moon metal 3D printed necklace. Photo: Jenny Bristol

Subscription boxes are pretty common these days, but many of the ones I see focus on specific fandoms. Other than a select few, I’m not into fandoms. I gravitate toward more basic nerdy loves, such as science. But I don’t necessarily want a science experiment subscription box. So when I heard about a new subscription box that had cool, science-based products and 3D printed jewelry, I was intrigued.

Sci Chic (pronounced “sheek” rather than “chick”) is a new website and subscription box service that centers around education and 3D printed jewelry. Run by a young Mechanical Engineer and her Communications Officer, these Science Fashion Subscription Boxes are fun, intriguing, and affordable.

I love that Sci Chic offers both stand-alone products to buy and their subscription boxes. This way, you can get their products in whichever form you like. There are two types of boxes: one geared toward kids age 7-14 and another to adults or teens.

Sci Chic even has themed months. January’s was technology, and the boxes focused on coding. This month (February), the boxes are all about space! Check out the website for the whole year’s theme schedule, and the extended activities, information, and videos on their website that go along with that month’s box (current and previous months’ information is on the site). If you like what you see, consider signing up. They currently ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, France, and Germany.

The Sci Chic Kids box includes science-based clothing, plastic 3D printed jewelry, a plastic 3D printed charm bracelet charm (your first box gets you the bracelet with a Sci Chic charm as well), accessories, and more, along with plenty of physical and virtual science education items, including background information on the items included in the box, and references and links regarding that month’s theme. There is plenty of extended education and play included. Along with your box, you get an email with all kinds of links and information. January’s email included a behind-the-scenes video on the 3D printing process and an interview with a female coder, their STEM Star of the Month. The Sci Chic Kids box only costs $19.99 per month, and can be a perfect birthday gift, or a monthly educational activity you go through as a family, for fun or for homeschooling.

The regular Sci Chic Monthly box has similar jewelry to the kids’ box, except 3D printed in metal, adding to your (hopefully) growing collection of science-based jewelry. The box also includes science-based clothing, jewelry, and accessories, plus access to the same science background information referred to in the kids’ box. Subscription holders also get discounts on other products on the website.

Something that people tend to wonder is, are these subscription boxes worth the money? What’s the quality like? I believe the Sci Chic subscription boxes are worth the money. If your or your child’s interests include science, and if you or they like to wear jewelry, then, yes, these boxes are a wonderful choice. The value of the jewelry and accessories is good, and the added benefit of educational materials that make each month’s box a full learning experience really make these boxes worth it. If you’ve seen 3D printed items, the quality of these items equals those. Some of the thinner plastic items will likely break if your kids aren’t careful, but most of them are sturdy. And the metal items are quite heavy and beefy.

So, whether you’re a subscription box kind of person or you’d rather buy individual jewelry items, the Sci Chic site has you covered, from plastic and metal 3D printed jewelry to shirts (I’m eyeing the “Strong Independent Variable” shirt) to the aforementioned subscription boxes. They make it easy to combine an educational experience with some fun, science-y things to wear.

Note: I received a metal necklace and the January Sci Chic Kids themed box for review purposes.

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