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I never got to enter a science fair as a kid. My local school district never sponsored one and I was a kid long before the days of instant mass communication. If you couldn’t find it in the phone book and it wasn’t posted on the bulletin board at the library or a commercial on TV, 98% of my hometown didn’t know it was happening.

Children of today don’t have that problem. Thanks to the internet and Twitter most can tell you what Miley Cyrus ate for lunch on September 22nd, 2008. Here’s another thing to add to the free exchange of information. (This one’s worth a little something…) Google has officially announced the opening of their global science fair. Your teenagers, ages 13-18, can enter a science fair competing against kids in the US, Brazil, Russia, and Cote d’Ivoire.

This is no small biscuits either. Lego, CERN, National Geographic, and Scientific American have partnered with the search engine giant to put on the world’s most awesome science fair. Ok, so that might be just a touch biased but still, they have a Rube Goldberg of science for a commercial. That’s an automatic gold-star in my book!

Sign your kiddo up. They accept group and individual entries. If your child is in school, check with the office first, they may already have something arranged. The instructions are comprehensive on how to submit entries and what is expected. Judging divides the ages so your 13 year old won’t necessarily compete against an 18 year old. The prizes are downright amazing and include a National Geographic Expedition, a $50k scholarship, and a personalized Lego mosaic.

I could pass for 18…right…fo’ shizzle?

I’m still bitter I never got to enter a science fair.

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