ICYMI: GeekMom Goes Toy Fair Live at 23 Booths

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The Stuffed Animals

Aurora World

With a kid who collects all the stuffed animals, Aurora World caught my eye because of the bright colors and adorable stuffies in their booth. The best part of Aurora World is that their plush toys are insanely soft. Some of their most popular toys include pom-pom penguins and Yoo-Hoos. In addition, for collectors, there are some stuffed animals that are more of the realistic art pieces. Their baby toys include sewn on eyes for safety, making them perfect baby shower gifts.


Walking into Toy Fair, one of the biggest displays was the Ty display. Walking around the Javits, Ty had decorations all over the place. If your kid is anything like mine, Beanie Boos are the best thing in the history of ever. My son has a whole Beanie Boo Crew. Focusing specifically on the Boo line, I spent some time talking to the reps.

Wild Republic

Known by parents for the realistic stuffed animals often found at museum gift shops, Wild Republic also has some more whimsical products. Coming out this year, specifically, they brought their new Huggers line with them. Like slap bracelets from the old days, a quick snap on your wrist, and these snuggly little creatures give a hug-like response.

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