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It is almost the end of summer, and I just returned from an amazing trip to Alaska. Seriously, folks, what a gorgeous place! I will write about that later, but for now let’s get back into awesome funding campaigns that you should know about. This week is all about girl power: an inspirational documentary, a game designed by girls, a practical biking guide for women, and BatKid! Ladies, let’s do this!

Image courtesy of the Goddess Project

The Goddess Project

Inspirational and timely, this documentary interviews women from all walks of life, sharing their triumphs and obstacles through an intimate lens of extraordinary passion and courage. Seeking to bridge the gap between women, I can’t imagine a better time for a film like this to come out and empower women to change their perception of themselves and each other. This is a necessary step in shifting society’s expectations and perceptions of women. Over 100 women are featured, and I really look forward to hearing from them all.



Concept art by Anita Tung (, @anitatung)

Girls Make Games: The Hole Story!

This campaign is the result of a collaborative effort by a group of girls to design an awesome game. The game features a girl who wants to be an archaeologist, and inevitably finds herself  trapped in another time, and must go on a quest to find her way home. The game looks fun, and I can’t help but support this group’s entrepreneurial spirit! The money raised will allow them to polish, finish, and publish the game online. Hurry–only a few days left on this one!



Photo courtesy of Our Bodies, Our Bikes

Our Bodies, Our Bikes

Here in the Bay Area, practically everyone rides a bike. I even know many families who are completely car free. So I was delighted to see this project, which is a collection of essays, resources, and advice for women who cycle. This is not just for the sporty ladies either, but covers a wide range of practical topics from women’s health and safety to more inspirational and encouraging pieces. A topical and terrific addition to a growing culture and community!


Image courtesy of BatKid Begins

BatKid Begins

My final pick this week is really about two ladies: filmmaker Dana Nachman, and the amazing city of San Francisco, both of whom are integral to the story of BatKid. Nachman reached out to Make A Wish to document the story of a little boy named Miles who, while battling leukemia, only wanted one thing: to conquer evil as a real BatKid. Like she always does, San Francisco rose to the occasion. Living nearby, I saw our whole community help in any way they could to make this the ultimate experience for Miles, and as a result it united and touched every person who read his story or watched his wish come true. Ultimately, this documentary is not just about Miles, but how we, when confronted with darkness are able to become heroes and find the light, either for ourselves or for others.


Happy Funding!



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