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The STEM Toys

Learning Resources

With a focus on pre-K through 5th grade, Learning Resources was one of the few companies at Toy Fair with some really amazing STEM toys just for the littles in the crowd. Following up on their coding mouse, they brought a new game that’s almost like coding twister for kids. Using cards, kids have to “code” their way from one place to another. In addition, they brought their building sets that start out with directions and then allow for parents or teachers to question, “How can you make this better?” Mental Blocks Jr is a really great early logic game where kids have to try to figure out how to match the blocks to the pictures on the cards.

Be Amazing Toys

You’re probably already acquainted with Be Amazing Toys if you’ve ever bought STEM toys for your child. At Toy Fair, however, Be Amazing was using liquid nitrogen to drag us all into their booth, because, really, who doesn’t love playing with liquid nitrogen? They had a collection of their circuit cards that has 18 different circuit cards. Their collections include physics and chemistry experiments as well as kits that incorporate several different types of science exploration. One of their best selling products is the insta-snow, which is reusable. Their new kit includes molds for the insta-snow.


Goobi is a nifty little STEM toy. Similar to some of the other magnetic tile toys, Goobi allows kids to build new projects creatively. Goobi is different because it’s individual sticks with magnets on either end. The metal balls are non-magnetized so parents don’t need to worry about the potential for kids swallowing magnets. They also brought to Toy Fair their new-for-this-year Juniors sets. The Juniors are large for little hands and way too large to be swallowed.

Heebie Jeebies

Another one of the better STEM products I found was Heebie Jeebies. Already a hit in Australia, Heebie Jeebies is more than just a fun name. The company brought some of its more popular lines to Toy Fair to introduce its products to US markets. Personally, I wanted the mini-micro magnifier for myself. However, they also had a really reasonably priced line of working but also “kid tough” microscopes and telescopes.

 Smart Lab

Smart Labs brought “stealth learning” to Toy Fair. Everything you needed for their Ultimate Secret Formula Lab comes with the kit. Best of all? There’s a tray to help with cleanup! In addition, they have a line of comic books that come with a science experiment that helps solve the story’s problem. After you go on the adventure, then you have a full kit to build their science experiment. Since research shows that girls often will engage in science when it’s paired with reading while boys often prefer hands on work but will engage in the reading that accompanies it, these products are a great way to introduce reading and science to anyone reluctant for either.


In business for thirty years, Spacerail is a line of marble roller coasters. The easier introductory sets are based on single build options while the larger sets are more adaptable. With more pieces and more options for personalization, they also range in size up to six feet long. While there may not be much more to say about Spacerail, watch the video because the product is seriously STEM awesome.

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