Dear ‘Disney Magic Kingdoms:’ We Want More Land!

Princesses on parade. Image: Dakster Sullivan
Princesses on parade. Image: Dakster Sullivan

According to my profile, I’ve played Disney Magic Kingdoms for almost 250 days. In that time I’ve battled the Incredible’s event, Nightmare Before Christmas event, Frozen holiday event (my disappointment in that event could be a post all to itself), and I’m currently working through the Lunar New Year event. It’s a fun game to kill time with but it could still use a few improvements that would make it stand out among its competition.

GeekMom Sophie and I have agreed that these are the improvements we’d like to see in future updates.

More land – We see it. We want it. Open it up.

Trading between players – I have so many benches I could build a monument out of them (if I had more land). It would be nice if I could trade them to other players or sell them back for magic.

Remove decorations from platinum chests – I foolishly paid twice for the Incredibles chests only to be rewarded with a statue or a bench. Really? 60 gems for a bench? And I wasn’t the only one upset. Facebook was full of complaints about this from my fellow players. Remove the boring and put something worth our gems in there. Suggestions: epic tokens, attractions, decorations that DO something (a water fountain that has special effects to it for instance), special chest only characters, or gems are all worthy ideas.

Platinum Chest Rewards Image: Dakster Sullivan
Current platinum chest rewards are not worth the gems. Image: Dakster Sullivan

Quests overview – It’s easy to forget who is on what quest and how much longer they have till they are freed up again. A screen showing you where your characters stand (and bonus points if there is a star next to them indicating their level) would be a welcome addition.

Games – Taping firecrackers is all nice and fun but how about turning one of those major attractions into something we can explore as a game? High scores get tokens or some other item as a reward. Charge a couple gems if you want (just make the rewards worth the gems please).

More land – Yes. This again. Do it. Now.

More Land Please. Image: Dakster Sullivan
More Land Please. Image: Dakster Sullivan

More Merlin – We don’t see him that often and generally he’s associated with bringing in a new character or opening up more land. So…give us more of him. If nothing else, have him update us on Maleficent. He hasn’t done that in a while. To get him to show up a little more frequently, introduce the Sword and the Stone characters to go along with the attraction.

Nighttime option – In Smurfs, the game changes based on your timezone so when it’s nighttime at your house, it’s nighttime in the game. It would be cool to have a nighttime parade to run or fireworks to shoot off for happiness points to add to the environment.

Auto place attractions – Another game I used to play, Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, you could buy various decorations, food, and toys and if you were unsure where to fit it all, you could push a button and the game would shuffle it all around for you. It would put up some older stuff and replace it with newer items that you bought. This might take part of the challenge out of the game so that’s why this is listed last.

Honorable Mention – Beauty and the Beast is coming out in March. Wouldn’t it be a stroke of marketing genius to, oh I don’t know, give us the characters in the game with maybe an epic battle between Gaston as the finale? I’d play the heck out of that event.

No matter the additions, what I think all gamers can agree on is we want better rewards for our gems and more land!

Do you play Disney Magic Kingdoms? What improvements or changes would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!

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