Procrastination Destination: Ice Cream!

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Stop whatever you are doing to procrastinate with me and ponder that wonderful dessert–ice cream. We didn’t keep ice cream in the house; it was a special going-out treat my mom would splurge on once in a while. Even my dad (they were divorced) made ice cream something to savor by buying Cherry Garcia if we rented a movie. I remember when I first found out I had to go gluten-free and thought, “At least I can have ice cream.” But my favorite flavor, Mint Chocolate Cookie, is completely out for me now; I can’t eat the wheat-based cookie, and peppermint gives me acid reflux. Sigh… I have to make due with my second favorite, New York Superfudge Chunk. Life can be rough. But sprinkles help.

Saturday, February fourth is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. My family has been celebrating Ice Cream for Breakfast Day for over a decade now. I have reminded GeekMoms and Dads about this fine holiday before (doit!doit!doit!), and this year I decided to make it the focus of Procrastination Destination. What nerdy fun, experiments, and pure entertainment could I find with the theme of ice cream? Lots!

I thought I was trying something crazy with Dad’s Cardamom. But there are some wild flavors out there. Most gourmet? How about a Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet? Best toppings? Try some pumpkin butter or wasabi pea dust. Will it make you scream? Here is Zombie- Blue Raspberry ice cream with strawberry (bloody) swirl, cut up gummi fingers, and mini marshmallows. Each cone is topped with a gummi/marshmallow eyeball. Most dangerous? Ghost Pepper Ice Cream–Scorpion Sting ice cream with Mad Dog 357, Heartbreaking Dawns 1841, and Da’ Bomb Ghost Pepper sauces added. “You WILL NOT be able to taste or buy this ice cream without first signing a waiver!”

Getting some ideas of your own? Here is how to make ice cream in 10 minutes at home. Your kids will love it! Let them put in crazy flavors and toppings.

Not ready to make a mess? Here are some games with ice cream as the theme:
Stack your ice cream.
Match your toppings.
Even learn to read with ice cream!

I used to watch Voyager religiously with a bowl of ice cream as one of my few mommy-only times when my kids were young. Sometimes, if my husband got the kids to bed early, I’d get a foot-rub too. Keeping’ the mom happy keeps everyone happy…

Before you get back to work, let’s end with Weird Al’s retro “I Love Rocky Road.”

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