Toy Dinosaurs Wreak Havoc While Family Sleeps

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Creative mayhem. (Image by Refe Tuma at

It’s Dinovember, a month when dinosaurs run amok at Refe Tuma‘s home. It starts innocently enough. One morning his kids wake to find dinos have torn apart a box of cereal, spilling flakes across the table. Subsequent mornings there’s evidence that the small Jurassic rapscallions are behaving ever more outrageously—a vase broken, crayoned drawings on the walls, toilet paper unfurled across the bathroom floor.

It might seem that their parents are behind the mayhem. But whose parents would stay up late to throw eggs on the floor or paint dinosaur portraits? Dinovember is barely halfway over, yet the creatures are becoming more dastardly. Recently the gang of incorrigible plastic dinosaurs built a cardboard castle, adorned themselves in foil armor, and breathed fire.

You’re invited to set toy dinosaurs loose in your home. Join the Dinovember Facebook page or post pictures on your own Twitter or Facebook account using the hashtag #dinovember.

They are predatory. (Image by Refe Tuma at
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3 thoughts on “Toy Dinosaurs Wreak Havoc While Family Sleeps

  1. My sister-in-law just shared that page with me over on FB — my son absolutely LOVES dinosaurs so she thought this would be right up his alley.

    We’re definitely going to have to give this a whirl, though I think we’ll go more for mischievous and not so, destructive.

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