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10 Things Your Gamer Could Have Been Doing While Steam Was Down

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Image: Steam
Image: Steam

Steam was down! This was not a drill. Steam was down. Now, what? Well…here are a few ideas:

  1. Read a book – Digital or paperback, it doesn’t matter. Just read!
  2. Start a blog and write a post. – Complain about how Steam is down and your life is ending because of it. I don’t care. Just write something.
  3. Re-introduce your gamer to the outside world – This one is tricky because you need to make sure you warn them of the dangers not limited to the sun, real vehicles that will hurt them if they don’t “crossy the road” quick enough, bugs, trees with leaves that may fall on them, and stepping in the neighbor’s dog poop.
  4. Talk to the family – Scary but an important life skill.
  5. Clean something – Taking a shower counts here.
  6. Play a tabletop game or card game. – No batteries or controller required.
  7. Watch squirrels try to take on the bird feeder in the front yard. No bird feeder or front yard? Make one.
  8. Restart the computer and do its updates. (My son actually cries when I tell him to do this…it’s the same response I get from my 40-something coworkers at my office.)
  9. Sleep – It’s a real thing people do and it takes longer than a 20-second sunset and sunrise like in the games.
  10. Eat. – I’m talking something with actual nutritional value. Depending on how long your gamer has been in the game world you may need to remind them to cook the food first.
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