Brings a Line of Geek Chic DC Licensed Sweaters

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Image: Karen Walsh
Image: Karen Walsh

With a New England winter on the horizon, the cold weather makes my general fashion aesthetic of nerdy graphic t-shirts a bit inappropriate, causing the new DC licensed sweaters from to be a perfect wardrobe addition. With the holidays upon us, these sweaters make not only a perfect gift for the geek in your world but they can also make an excellent holiday outfit.

As geek chic has evolved in the last few years, fashion options have expanded beyond the traditional graphic t-shirt. delivers on these changes in the ability to express oneself geekily. When they offered up a sample for review, I chose the the pink retro Wonder Woman cardigan mainly because it matched my hair. Additionally, as a fairly well-endowed woman, I felt the wing design on the Batman cardigan would hang slightly inappropriately on my body.

Excitingly, the sweater arrived two days before Thanksgiving, giving me the perfect opportunity to try it out. The vibrancy of the colors was the first thing I noticed before even opening the plastic bag in which had shipped the sweater. Unwrapping it, I was pleasantly surprised to find how well made it was. As someone who invests a lot of money in nerd couture, I have noted the varying levels of craftsmanship to be found. Even some of my favorite sweaters from well known geek finery are often too thin to keep me warm in the middle of our cold, snowy winters. As someone who loves the warmth that comes with wool, I had low expectations of a cotton sweater.


What I found brought me great joy. Looking at the Wonder Woman sweater, the first thing I noticed was how it was more or less double knit, for lack of a better word. Unlike a lot of knit sweaters that, from the inside, are a reverse of the outside with seams, this one has an entirely different inside. This means that it is two layers of cotton making it nice and warm. This also gives it a strong structure. This quality is particularly distinguished in the nerd-wear world since there are few places that offer solid quality that matches traditional shopping.

My main disappointment was the sizing. I am a large girl. When I spoke to the representative, I noted that I am a size 14/16 and an XL was suggested. Unfortunately for me, the sweater runs a bit on the narrow side which means that buttoning it causes a lot of awkward lumps. Specifically because of the solid structure, the knit has little ease or “give.” This makes the upper arms tight on me and, with no ease, they don’t stretch out during the course of wear. The lack of stretching out is traditionally a good thing, unless something runs a bit smaller than you’d like it to run. My suggestion would be that if you are trending towards the larger sizes, order up a size.


The best part of being able to order a larger size is that, unlike other companies, charges the same price regardless. When asked about this, one of the representatives replied, “We are trying to cater to as many sizes as we think the market needs. We have noticed an increase in demand for sizing over XL, which we have worked hard to meet. We try to keep uniform across sizes; we don’t believe that different sizes should cost more or less money. We want everyone to have a chance to enjoy our products, no matter their size.” Keeping the prices the same for sizes over XL means that there is no “fat tax,” which gives the company several thumbs up for being a bastion of fashion that does not fat shame. Moreover, another representative noted, “I think we work hard to have options for everyone. Our buyers do such an excellent job at analyzing the market and seeing what people truly want. Now that being a ‘geek’ is cool, or at least people feel comfortable associating themselves as one. We want to make sure there are options for everyone, from the die-hard to the novice.” With a lot of discussion in the geek community surrounding the continued gatekeeping of certain members towards newer converts or women, this desire by to be open and welcoming towards everyone regardless of size, gender, and interest is a nice addition to the world of geek chic.

With a price point of $48.99, the new line of DC licensed sweaters from are well-constructed clothing that make a wonderful present for the lady geek or a wonderful addition to her holiday wardrobe.

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  1. Love your writing and am TOTALLY with you on the one price fits most! When you range in the L to XL and still love super heroes…hate the misplaced logos and extra charge for the extra love!

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