6 Geeky Reasons to Ask, "What Does The Fox Say?"

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No, you are not being Rick Rolled. There is a new video sweeping YouTube. The Fox by Ylvis (pronounced Ill-viss) is viral with almost 12 million views on YouTube within about a week. Why? It could be because this Norse hit is instantly stuck in our heads. It doesn’t matter if you are annoyed by the infectious lyrics of The Fox, it is certainly worth getting excited about if you are a geek.

1) Furries: Furries. In a music video. The only way it could be better is if they were wearing Kigurumi.

2) Lightsabers: Okay, so the lightsabers don’t have hilts, but tell me you didn’t go there when you saw the light sticks in the ground and think, “Hey, they are lighting the video with lightsabers!”

3) Morse Code: For the first time ever, someone correctly pronounced Morse Code. I always cringe when someone calls it “Morris” code. I guess it comes from having a dad who is an amateur radio operator!

4) The Cow says, “Moo.”: What better companion to the Sandra Boynton book, Moo Baa La La La, than a music video teaching your kids what sounds the animals make. Brilliant.

5) It’s from Norway: When I think of Norway, I think of vikings! They seem to leak into geek culture from How to Train Your Dragon to True Blood.

6) CG dancing fox: Remember how amazing it was when the dancing baby showed up in Ally McBeal? The dancing fox was that much better.

Did you geek out when you saw The Fox? What do you say?

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