‘LEGO Dimensions’: Just Take My Money Already

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LEGO really should have a direct line to my bank account, just to make it easier on both of us. Some people might say we have a LEGO problem. I prefer to address it more accurately as “we have a LEGO storage problem.” This is not made any easier with my obsession for the computer game, LEGO Dimensions.

Lego Dimensions Wave 7 Packs

EB Games Expo came to Sydney at just right the time: The day after the release of Year 2 packs. *sigh*

Seriously, folks, if you haven’t heard about LEGO Dimensions Year 2 packs by now… Well, I just don’t know what to do with you.

GeekDad has reviewed some of the earlier versions of the game here and here.

In short, it’s a portal game with multiple worlds of your favorite LEGO themes, and plenty of play to test them out. There are a few portal games of similar design to LEGO Dimension, but there is one particular feature LEGO has absolutely nailed: you don’t have to keep buying a new portal.

Sweet Lego Christmas

No, LEGO Luke Cage is not available in LEGO Dimensions just yet… *hoping*

With this latest wave of characters added to the gameplay, LEGO Dimensions has instead chosen to rely on software updates direct from the servers to your console of choice. Even better, you don’t have to download ALL the content; you can just download the character updates or story updates you have purchased packs for.

As I mentioned above, the EB Games Expo was perfectly timed and gave me the opportunity to talk with the LEGO Dimensions minions about the latest developments, and how this stand-out feature was working for them. Particularly, I was able to pick the brain of Doug Heder, producer at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment who is currently working on LEGO Dimensions.

EG Mum: Is LEGO Dimensions moving towards online content updates as a permanent thing? Is this to overcome the hardware costs to consumers experienced with similar games like Skylanders?

Doug Heder: From the time we announced LEGO Dimensions in Spring 2015, our promise was to deliver a system of play that would grow modularly each season and not require a new investment in the basic hardware each year. Our goal was to sustain this model of play for at least the first 2 to 3 years, so we built a lot of forward thinking technology into the Starter Pack. Naturally, to add content to the game that wasn’t there at its initial launch, delivering that content digitally is the only practical way to do that. So I wouldn’t say we’re moving toward online updates—we’ve been there from the very start and don’t see that changing anytime soon.

(*parents around the world rejoiced!!*)

EG Mum: Being dependent on updates provided online, how are developers approaching the current error issues experienced by Wii U and Xbox users? (Error 199-9997 – Server error with downloading the new content)

Doug: As we are breaking new ground with this type of digital release model, there are inevitably going to be some hiccups along the way and a chance to learn things that hadn’t been thought of prior to release. We are committed to addressing these types of issues as quickly as possible to ensure an excellent experience for all our fans. The specific error you mentioned in your question was resolved last week with the help of our First Party partners.

EG Dimensions: Will the game still be continued with Wii U and Xbox, or will it eventuate to PlayStation exclusive (a question asked on some fan forums, in light of the Supergirl exclusive to PS4)?

Doug: There are no plans for exclusivity at this time. The game is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

EG Mum: Will there be further development within the current universes, or will focus be on expanding to include other franchises?

Doug: I think it’s fair to say that both things are already happening. With each Wave release, we continue to reveal new gameplay based on a wide cross-section of the different universes. That’s what’s exciting about having this type of digital release model, the ability to keep adding value to all the toys. For example, there just might be another hidden Portal room inside the new Ghostbusters Story Pack *hint, hint*. Likewise, we do continue to look at additional franchises that might be added in future content updates. It takes LEGO about a year to manufacture new toys so we do have to be thinking quite far ahead when we want to add new universes into the mix. For the moment, though we have a ton of new content already announced that will be released throughout 2017 and the studio is hard at work to get all of this ready for our fans.

EG Mum: Are there any specific new features in the PS4 that you are excited about working with on LEGO Dimensions?

Doug: It’s great getting to work with all of our First Party partners. Sony has been no exception and it’s thrilling to be working on such a great platform as the PS4 and bringing the power of this system into the LEGO Universe. For any of your readers who haven’t jumped into the LEGO Dimensions experience just yet, picking up the PS4 Starter Pack will nab you an exclusive Supergirl Minifigure that is playable in-game. In addition to her standard super powers, she’s got the unique ability to build red lantern constructs in various locations throughout the game. There’s also some great discounts happening at various retailers, so now is the best time ever to jump into the game and start unlocking all of your favorite dimensions.

Just in case you missed it while skimming the interview above: THERE IS ANOTHER HIDDEN PORTAL ROOM INSIDE THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS STORY PACK!!

Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack

Like I needed another reason to buy and build this beautiful looking set. I mean, just look at it. It builds around the existing portal. It makes it look like a new setting for the game. I love it!

Despite the server issues we experienced with the download on our Wii U, EG Inc is still excited about the updates. To be completely honest, I was won over by the fresh approach of NOT buying a new Portal (did I mention that already?) and more so, I can pick and choose which characters and sections to open in the game, without the huge push from the developers. Because seriously, I am not an Adventure Time or Simpsons fan. But I will happily set up a direct link to my bank account for this Batgirl and Robin Story Pack, coming out 2017.

Lego Dimensions Batgirl and Robin

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