‘Teen Titans Go!’ Is the Best Show You’re Not Watching With Your Kids

Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans Go!, currently about to start its fourth season on Cartoon Network, is the only place you can see some of DC Comics’ heavy-hitters like Cyborg, Batman, Darkseid, and many more on TV. But even if you’re a DC Comics fan, chances are you haven’t seen an episode of the zany series yet.

You might still be harboring some resentment for the ending of the Teen Titans and Young Justice series, and swore off Teen Titans Go! long ago. Or maybe it’s just too weird and frenetic, and you dismissed it without sitting down for a full episode.

Teen Titans Go! is one of the best DC Comics shows on TV right now (and yes, I’m counting the ones on The CW). Here are a few reasons you should give an episode a try the next time you hear the kids giggling at the antics of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven.

You’ll see characters you won’t see on any other DC Comics TV show.

Darkseid. The Wonder Twins. Dr. Light. Terra. Trigon. Ravager. Batgirl. And Batman, in perhaps his most hilarious role ever seen on a screen (I’m looking at you, LEGO Batman Movie, to prove me wrong). These are characters you won’t see on The CW or Fox. Not only will you enjoy the cameos from mostly minor characters like these, your kids will be learning a Who’s Who of the DC Comics universe while grinning at the Teen Titans’ misadventures.

And some of those characters are voiced by phenomenal guest stars.

When I say Darkseid, chances are you aren’t reminded of “Weird Al” Yankovic, but once you watch the episode with the clever singer as one of DC Comics’ biggest villains you’ll never see Darkseid the same way again.

Will Wheaton also makes recurring guest appearances as Aqualad, along with Ashley Johnson as Terra and LeBron James as… LeBron James. Seriously.

But it’s the regular Teen Titans cast that really shines.

I don’t know how these guys do it. After amazing runs as the same characters on the (much more serious) Teen Titans series, the talented cast was able to fearlessly turn Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy into crazy cartoon characters. All of the characters’ personality flaws were multiplied by 10 (Robin’s control issues, Raven’s melancholy) and the cast wasn’t afraid to embrace it.

One of the show’s most noteworthy episodes, “And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob,” is not only the 100th episode of Teen Titans Go!, but highlights how hard the cast works and how far they’re willing to go when making fun of themselves.

The nostalgia and in-jokes for parents are off the charts.

While it is obviously a kids’ show, there are countless references to classic video games, TV shows (Cyborg is a huge Golden Girls fan), and movies. One recent episode, “Booty Scooty,” is an incredible and shameless homage to The Goonies.

Thanks to this wacky show, my daughter and I have talked about The Oregon Trail, Bea Arthur, The Super Friends, the Truffle Shuffle, Spy Hunter, and many more conversations I never thought we’d have.

Okay, yeah, it’s weird.

Teen Titans Go! is just plain weird. The characters talk fast, beat up bad guys relentlessly, release all sorts of body fluids (and swim in them), get turned into all kinds of monsters and disgusting creatures, give mini-lessons in 401(k) plans, and much, much more. This probably isn’t the show to watch when the grandparents are visiting. The show is absolutely a self-aware parody of the Teen Titans themselves and superheroes in general, and isn’t afraid to be weird.

So if you give it a chance and it’s just too crazy, that’s okay. But if you get hooked on the short episodes, you and your kids will have inside jokes for years that will make you laugh together. (I can’t cook meatballs without the entire family bursting into the “Meatball Party” song.)

If I’ve convinced you to give it a shot, grab “Two Parter Part One” and “Two Parter Part Two” from iTunes. I promise you’ll laugh.

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