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The eqo Booster. Cell phone signal booster by weBoost

Do you have a spot in your home that you avoid because no matter where you sit in that room you cannot get a cell signal worth a hoot? I think that is true for many of us. For me, sadly, that spot is my living room. The room with the big TV, comfy chairs and sofas, and most of our books. You know, that room where you most want to spend your time. I can get a signal in that room but it isn’t always a good one and is flaky at the best of times. Enter the eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster from weBoost. This device is set up in two parts. You set the signal receiver (or indoor antenna) in the area of the home with the strongest signal and then set up the booster at least six feet away. You point the receiver at the back of the booster and point the booster at the area where you have a weak signal. After about 15 minutes I noticed a slight uptick in my signal strength and the next day a much more significant and consistent improvement was noticed.

How does it work? Magical elves, I presume because I am no cellular expert. However, I can tell you that it works and setting it up was a breeze. The instructions are perfect and they even point you to a spot on their website where you can figure out how to test the signal strength on your phone type. I had never performed a test with any of our phones before. I just trusted the bars at the top which apparently can be quite misleading and vary by phone and carrier. The testing process is a bit different for Android and Apple products. I have both in my house and am happy to report both had comparable improvements to signal strength.

The entire process took me 30 minutes with half of that learning how to test signal strength on my phone and then walking around the room finding the best spot for the receiver. The rest was reasoning out the placement so that I could aim the booster into the area of the room I most often sit in without running wires through the middle of the living space. It was very easy to install and once installed it just…works. No more interaction from me was required.

I have a couple things I want to make you aware of before you get excited that your living room or other space in your home can now have the best signal ever. First, it can only improve what is already there. It can take a weak signal and make it better but alas it does not create a signal. If you are in a dead zone you will remain in a dead zone. It relies somewhat on line-of-sight. I tested and it doesn’t boost well through multiple walls, although the next rooms over had improvement and the furniture did not seem to be an issue at all. Also, it doesn’t ‘fill the house’ in all directions with an epic signal. From my tests, it appears to work in a somewhat cone-shaped pattern radiating out from the booster. It is much stronger the nearer and more in line with the booster you are. I set my signal receiver up at the end of the hallway that runs the length of the center of my house which is where I found the best signal. I then put the booster at the other end of the hallway that opens up to my dining and living room area and slightly angled it toward that comfy chair I mentioned before. I tested it just in front of the booster, from the sofa that was nearest the booster, from my chair that was next in line, and then in random spots around the room. Most areas that were in any way in front of the booster showed an improved signal but those in line-of-sight from it had the best improvement. The next rooms over also had some improvement, though not as improved as the area just in front of the booster.

I think the eqo Booster could be a great solution to your problem if you have a troubled area in your home. It certainly helped with my troubled spot. The eqo Booster can be purchased from Amazon or you can find other retailers on the weBoost website. The company also offers other boosters for your specific needs that take into account size, voice/data composition, and so on.

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