It May Be Time to Get a Scientific Tattoo

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Photo: Kevin Bonham

Having lived in several different states, I’ve heard many different philosophies when it comes to tattoos. A young friend of mine from Missouri once described to me a person who had many tattoos, and said, “You know…like a bad guy!”

I had to chuckle to myself, as we were sitting around the fire pit behind my house in New York and most of the people I knew in New York – young, old, rich, poor, liberal, conservative – had a tattoo somewhere on their body. Neighborhoods and cultures differ, depending on where you happen to reside.

But I think most of us here on GeekMom can agree that this recent slide show of science related tattoos are nothing, if not awesome. Forget the token butterfly or skull and crossbones. These are tattoos worth paying attention to. It makes me wonder what amazing picture (or concept) I’d choose to carry around on my body, once I got brave enough to go under the knife.

GeekDad did a post, a few years ago, about many of the places you can find science related, geeky (and awesome!) tattoo ideas. With a recent slideshow, offered by The New York Times, I thought maybe it was time to revisit this seldom discussed aspect of living a creative life.

Do you have a tattoo? Is it related to your geeky hobbies? If so, tell us all about it!

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