Make a Splash (and a Craft!) With ‘Paper Mario: Color Splash’

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Paper Mario Color Splash

The biggest surprise of PAX West this year for me was the newest Paper Mario game coming this fall for the Nintendo Wii U. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, you control the adorable 2-D Mario as he tries to figure out why the color is disappearing from Prism Island. Along the way you’ll meet all of your favorite Super Mario characters, and new ally, Huey, as you paint the color back into Mario’s world.

If you’re in the mood to paint in real life, keep reading for the how-to for an easy-to-make Huey pencil tin.

Hands-On with ‘Paper Mario: Color Splash’

Paper Mario games are reminiscent of role-playing games, although Color Splash draws a lot of attention to its clever combat system. There’s lot of reading, as you’d expect in an RPG, but the text is filled so much with humor and puns that it never becomes a chore. The characters’ personalities pop off the screen—even the Shy Guys are little characters—and they make your trip through Prism Island a memorable one.

Huey, Paper Mario’s new character, is your guide on Mario’s adventure as the two tackle the mystery of the missing colors on the island. As Mario encounters patches of missing colors, he uses his new Paint Hammer to paint the town red (and other colors)—literally.

Of course you’ll encounter enemies along the way, and it’s the combat system that really took me by surprise. It’s just plain fun. Mario carries a set of Battle Cards, and you’ll choose each one for the moves you want to use. Pick the right ones for the enemy you’re fighting to really unleash the damage, or pick a Mushroom to regain valuable health.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Wii U Gamepad functionality is put to good use here, as you use the Touch Screen to put cards in your hand and paint them as needed. (You’ll fill up the paint gauge as you explore Prism Island.)

Once you play a card, press the Gamepad button at just the right moments to make the most out of your powerful moves.

There are even special Battle Cards to deal extra damage, from a giant pig to a lucky cat that decimates practically everything on the screen in one of the craziest animations I’ve ever seen in a Nintendo game.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

(That spiny doesn’t stand a chance.)

Paper Mario: Color Splash is packed with paint and personality. The whimsical game hits store shelves on October 7, 2016.

Craft a Huey Pencil Tin

Huey Pencil Tin

This is a simple how-to for a quick craft of the cute new Paper Mario: Color Splash character Huey. Bonus: You get to bust out the power tools!

What You Need

  • Quart paint can (found at hardware stores)
  • Thin silver wire
  • Two oblong wooden beads
  • Wire cutter
  • Power drill with 1/8″ metal bit
  • Black duck tape (approx. 2″ width)
  • White paint marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ruler

Get Started!

Most small paint cans sold at hardware stores don’t come with a handle, so you’ll have to make one if you’re a stickler for accuracy. Begin by using the drill to make two small holes in either side of the can, about a centimeter below the top.

Cut the thin silver wire to approximately 9″ in length. Thread the two wooden beads on to the wire.

Add a dab of hot glue to the middle of the wire, and slide the beads over it to hold them into place.

Huey Pencil Tin

Next, bend the ends of the wire into right angles facing inward, and slide the ends into the holes you drilled. Bend the wires inside the can (curl the ends around, if you can) so that the handle doesn’t slide out of the holes.

Cut a piece of duck tape approximately 5″ in length. Stick it to the middle of the can, about two inches from the top. It’s easy to remove and try again if it’s crooked or not centered between the holes you drilled.

Huey Pencil Tin

Use the white paint marker to make Huey’s two eyes in the middle of the tape. (Again, if you mess up on the placement, simply remove the tape and cut another piece to try again.)

Huey Pencil Tin

Let the paint marker dry, and your Paper Mario: Color Splash pencil tin is complete!

All game images © Nintendo

All photos: Kelly Knox

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