GeekKid Weekly Round Up!

Welcome to the GeekKid Weekly Round Up

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GeekKid Weekly Round Up!
GeekKid Weekly Round Up!

Welcome to GeekKid Weekly Round Up, where we do a little parental bragging about what the writers over on the GeekKid blog have been working on. For this week, I’ll be sharing with you all the posts up to today, and then come back every Saturday to see what the GeekKids have been up to. Of course, you can always just head over to the site and check them out for yourself (hint-hint).

GeekKid Joke of the Week by Ella Cronan (ages 5-9)
Why did the chicken cross the road? To find out the GeekKid joke of the week.

Crochet Bag Pattern by Julia W. (ages 15 – 19)
Learn how to crochet a simple bag.

Ten Dog Commandments by Mr. Walsh (all ages)
Hamilton: The Musical‘s “Ten Duel Commandments” rewritten for dogs.

Yo-Kai Watch by Eli K. (ages 5-9)
Yo-kai is a show about invisible spirits that are responsible for all kinds of mischief.  Eli got to check out the show and some of the cool toys too!

GeekKid Joke of the Week by Ella Cronan (ages 5-9)
Knock Knock? Who’s there? The GeekKid weekly joke!

Five Tips for Great Fort Making by Julia W. (ages 15-19)
Five tips for building a great fort. Fun for all ages, some a parental support may be required.

An Encounter With Aliens by Jack W (ages 10-14)
A gripping tale of a young girl who goes out on a quest to save her very big family.

TeenyMates by Mr. Walsh (ages 5-9)
TeenyMates are the coolest thing on earth. It’s as simple as that. 

Delicious Places for Picky Eaters – Toothsome Chocolate Factory by Brandon Sullivan (all ages)
Are you a picky eater? Brandon tells you why the Toothsome Chocolate Factory is picky eater approved.

Ghostbusters: Dimension Virtual Reality Experience by Leila Hudson (ages 10-14)
Leila visited the virtual reality “Ghostbusters: Dimension” from THE VOID at Madame Tussauds in New York City… it is AMAZING.

8 Cat Logic Rules Everyone Should Know by Julia W. (ages 15-19)
Cats can be weird. Here are 8 cat logic rules that every cat lover should know.

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 037: ‘I Am a Princess’ by Captain Owen (ages 0-4)
On this episode, Captain Owen and his crew discuss their final Halloween costume selections before reading two Star Wars Little Golden Books–I Am a Princess and I Am a Sith.

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience by Eli K. (all ages)
Phasers set to AWESOME! Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience is at the Intrepid in NYC; teleport yourself with us to check it out.

Connor Kenway Costume: The Best Way to Gently Push Through PAX Crowds by Madoc (all ages)
Check out my Assassins Creed costume! I got great use out of this for Halloween and PAX West.

Geekkid Joke of the Week 09/09/2016 by Ella Cronan (ages 5-9)
Make your friends at school laugh with the GeekKid Joke of the Week, brought to you by five-year-old Ella Cronan.

Do you have a geek kid in your house? Head over to and let them check out all the awesome things ours are doing!

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