Fuzzy Little Unicorns for Big Bad Brutes

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Music may soothe the savage beast, but unicorns melt the maniac’s heart. All images: Lisa Kay Tate

If there’s one thing 2016 has taught us so far, it’s grimy, gritty, sarcastic, and psychopathic characters love their little horned horses.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by my own girls. My 7-year-old loved Captain Boomerang’s unicorn, “Pinky.” My teen is aware it’s common knowledge Deadpool has “warm fuzzies,” to put it gently, for these creatures, although I still won’t even let her see his movie.

Yes, even the vilest of venom-spitting bad boys need something to cuddle, so here’s an itty bitty unicorn project for all ages, no matter how rude and rough around the edges they are on the outside.

For the basic unicorn, you’ll need:

• One square of pink or white felt
• Yarn
• Black button eyes
• Poly fiberfill

To make it: Download this Easy Unicorn Template. Cut each piece out twice. One piece of felt will accommodate all the pieces.

Cut little “slots” for the ears where marked on the template, cut out the ears, and pinch one end together; then, sew one in each of the slots.

basic body
The basic unicorn body: clockwise from top left: Cut to pieces of the legs, body and ears. Sew the ears on the head before sewing the rest of unicorn. Sew the leg pieces to each half. Sew the halves together, leaving a slot in the belly for stuffing.

Then, sew one leg piece on each body half. Sew the halves together, leaving a hole in the belly to for the stuffing. Since these are little “rag doll” style animals, it isn’t necessary to turn the pieces inside out before sewing them together; the stitched edges are fine. This is a simple pattern to hand stitch, even for kids.

After the halves are together, add the stuffing and sew up the belly.

Cut the circle of the “horn,” and roll it into a cone over a piece of yarn, leaving a few inches dangling from the top and bottom. Spiral the yarn tightly around the “horn” from the top to bottom to give it “coiled” look (use a little craft glue to hold the yarn in place). Tie both ends of yarn together at the base of the horn, and cut off the excess.

Tack the horn to the middle of the unicorn’s forehead, and then add the eyes.

For the last part of the basic pattern, use a yarn needle and run several strands of yarn along the neck and on its rump. Secure these in place by tying each strand in a knot.

basic horn
Basic horn build: Lay a piece of yarn inside the circle (or just a wedge of it). Roll the horn, and secure from the top tip to the base, by coiling yarn or thread. Tie off yarn ends. Sew finished horn to unicorn.

This is your basic unicorn, but they need their “big bad images,” don’t they?

Now it’s time to give them some personality:

Pinky, Captain Boomerang’s unicorn:

Captain Boomerang’s “Pinky” can have a little collar to match his master’s jacket.

Use a pink piece of felt for the unicorn and pink yarn for the mane, tail, and horn. Tie a little collar around his neck with the word “CAPTAIN” spelled out in blue and/or white. This way he won’t get left behind in a heist.

Deadpool’s unicorn:

Deadpool’s unicorn showing off his chaps, because he’s a cowboy. Why else would he wear them?

Make the unicorn and his mane and tail in white yarn.

Make him a little pair of chaps by cutting two little strips of black felt and using black yarn or felt for the “belt” and “leg straps.”

The chaps can be made with just to pieces of black felt tacked together. Use string or additional felt for the ties.

Even though it is refreshing to see a pair of characters so good a being bad have soft spot for little critters, I can understand why some people wouldn’t want their kids and loved one playing with the same toys as the Merc With the Mouth or “Digger” Harkness. I mean, we don’t really know where they’ve been (and what do know, we wish we didn’t).

Therefore, here’s a little tip to create this pattern guilt-free and G-rated:

Start with Deadpool’s white unicorn. Replace the white mane and tail yarn with rainbow colors. Make her horn two-tone pink. Lose the chaps and add a felt heart to the hindquarters.

Viola! Rainbow Unicorn from Pixar’s Inside Out!

Rainbow Unicorn, as seen in “Fairy Dream Adventure, Part 7.”

Use these little guys for costume accessories, desktop friends, or stocking stuffers.

These unicorns might be cute and fuzzy but they’ve seen some action. The should be eager to watch your back, as wells grab your heartstrings.

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