Walking Around the World in Kamiks Sandals

Kamik Sandals. Have comfort. Will travel.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Kamik Sandals- Have comfort. Will travel. Image: Dakster Sullivan

The Capemay Kamik sandals had always dreamed of adventure. For all of their life, they sat on the stock shelves waiting for the right traveler to realize all the stylish comfort they offered. Their quick-drying and wicking lining would help to keep any travelers feet nice and dry. The adjustable heel and strap on the back were perfect for getting the right amount of comfort.

Then, one day, a man came into the store, took them off the shelf, and declared they would go on an adventure together.

The Kamik sandals couldn’t be more excited to show all the comfort they had to offer their new travel companion. But where were they going? It turns out, everywhere!

First stop was a time-traveling escapade through the ages.

Kami Sandal 1 Image Dakster Sullivan

After which they went on a soaring adventure over California and then on a musical adventure under the sea, complete with sharks! By lunch, they managed to find themselves in Mexico chomping on nachos and churros.

Ole!  Image: Dakster Sullivan.JPG
Ole! Image: Dakster Sullivan.JPG

A boat ride through the riviera later and they found themselves in Norway going through the frozen ice palace and meeting a few interesting characters.

Intersting characters.  Image Dakster Sullivan.JPG
Interesting characters. Image Dakster Sullivan.JPG

Of course, no trip can be done without at least one pit stop.

Pit stop.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Pit stop. Image: Dakster Sullivan

Back on the road, they find themselves in the presence of a few celebrities.

Local celebrities!  Image Dakster Sullivan.JPG
Local celebrities! Image Dakster Sullivan.JPG

At the end of the day, they had traveled the world, braved an ice castle, and met a few local celebrities. It was all the once lonely sandals had hoped for. That night instead of nightmares of a lonely box, the sandals dreamed of traveling with their new friend.

Kamik Capemay Sandals for men are available from your local shoe seller and on Amazon starting at $49.99.

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