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If you haven’t had the chance to play PolyHero Dice, my son and I recommend it. We have the Warrior Set of this fun and fast game, and now there is a Kickstarter project for a Wizard Set. If you love your dice, it is fun to see how creative an artist can get and still make a practical piece for gaming. We enjoyed “rolling” the shields, gauntlets, swords, etc. The mechanics are easy to learn and start playing. The game itself is fast and has a good balance of luck and strategy. We especially like how there are three levels of play to make it as complicated/interesting as you want.

Image By Rebecca Angel

So what’s new with the Wizard Set? Perty, perty, perty dice! There are six really nice materials and colors to choose from. (Violet Storm with Lightening is my favorite!) These were selected from a previous poll. A seventh color will be added from an existing poll of backers right now. It’s also cheaper and ships worldwide at a discounted rate. The set is guaranteed to be available first to backers before hitting stores or conventions. And you get a spell-book with every set that isn’t available any other way. Pretty cool.

GeekMom received the item for review purposes.

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