Kids Won’t Fear the Dark Night Thanks to ‘Bedtime for Batman’

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Bedtime for Batman

Any picture book that puts a smile on Batman’s face almost immediately wins my approval, and Bedtime for Batman is no exception. The bold colors, bright illustrations that pay homage to Batman: The Animated Series, and sweet story makes this picture book a clear winner for any little Batman fan.

Bedtime for BatmanIllustrated in Bruce Timm’s iconic style, Bedtime for Batman shows kids that even getting ready for bed can be an adventure worthy of Batman. Artist Ethan Beavers seamlessly juxtaposes the bright lights of a boy’s bedroom and bathroom with the dark streets and dank sewers of Gotham.

But just because Batman faces off against classic villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman in the dark, that doesn’t mean there’s anything scary about this book. A kind smile stays on Batman’s face for most of the story, although he’s still the formidable Dark Knight we know and love as he fearlessly goes up against evildoers. There’s even a cute and quick team-up with Robin and Ace the Bat-hound.

The story is calming, even for a Batman adventure. Author Michael Dahl not only is an expert at bedtime stories, he’s obviously a fan of the DC universe, and it shows in this sweet and simple tale.

If you’re on your 1939th reading of Goodnight Moon and you’re ready to add a little bit of action to your kids’ bedtime story, pick up Bedtime for Batman. You’ll love it just as much as they will.

A promotional copy was provided for review purposes.

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