Back to school with  Image: Dakster

Back to School with

Back to school with  Image: Dakster
Back to school with Image: Dakster

This back to school season I’ve put together a few outfits for the geeky and fashionable at heart.

Let’s get this digital fashion show started with a Star Wars inspired look for the ladies. I chose to channel my inner Ewok with Ewok hoodie tank ($45) matching Ewok handbag ($45), C3P0 coin purse ($23), and ID lanyard ($9.99). The fuzzy ears on this tank give it that extra hint of cute. And when you’re not in class, pair it with brown leggings, furry boots, and grab a staff for the perfect Ewok cosplay.

Star Wars Back To School

 Star Wars Back To School by Dakster Sullivan

If you’re not quite feeling the force, check out the DC Comics Bombshells, complete with a Batgirl shirt ($23.99), infinity scarf ($17.99), matching purse ($44.99) and umbrella ($17.99). I own the scarf and it’s full enough to double as a fashionable cover for your hair on those hot days walking around campus.

DC Bombshell Awesome

For the guys, I decided it was time to give the t-shirt look a break. There’s nothing wrong with a little casual dress and you can pull it off with a Superman polo ($30), backpack ($54.99), lanyard ($9.99), and wallet ($24.99). The backpack really ties the Superman look from subtle to powerful.

Superman for Super Year

This Star Trek workout tank, matching hat ($33.99), and a set of your most comfy yoga pants will make sure you get those credits while bolding going where no one has gone before. I have the blue version of this tank and the fabric is very lightweight and cool on the skin during those intense workouts.

Star Trek Workout

After giving the t-shirt look a break for a class, do the superhero landing into this Deadpool shirt ($17.99), backpack ($54.99), wallet ($13.99), and matching seatbelt style belt ($24.99). If you prefer the movie Deadpool shirts, has plenty of those on hand as well that will go great with the backpack.

Deadpool Back To School

Last but not least ladies, Harley Quinn is in the house and looking stylish with an Amanda Conner comic book inspired shirt ($23.99) , Suicide Squad inspired backpack ($35.99), Batman-Harley necklace ($14.99), and matching belt ($24.99).

Harley Quinn

I’ve been shopping at for a few years now and I hit them up at all the cons they attend in my area. If you have a geek in your life who needs some updated threads, hit them up. If you would prefer a mystery style surprise of fashionable goods, check out their Hero boxes. They have the widest range of available themes than any company I’ve seen and I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of my unboxings.

If you head over right now, they’re running a special for 15% off orders of $60 or more with code Squad15.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample of a couple of items mentioned in this post.

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