‘Adventure Time: Card Wars’ on DVD: Review and a Giveaway

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Image credit: Turner Entertainment/Cartoon Network
Image credit: Turner Entertainment/Cartoon Network

I don’t know about you, but the Adventure Time Season 4 episode “Card Wars” is among our family’s favorites. Apparently, it’s a favorite to many others as well, as evidenced by the mobile app and the tabletop card game. My youngest son in particular absolutely loves Adventure Time, so our family was happy to check out Turner Entertainment’s newest Adventure Time compilation DVD: Card Wars.

Finn was my youngest son's favorite cosplay in 2014.
Finn was my youngest son’s favorite cosplay in 2014.

In actuality there are only two episodes that feature the Card Wars game: “Card Wars,” where viewers learn how the game works (and how frustrated Jake becomes when he doesn’t win), and “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” from Season 7, which just premiered on July 7th, where Jake and his daughter Charlie participate in a tournament, and Jake continues to struggle with his over-competitiveness. The game is seen briefly in a third episode, “Wake Up” from Season 6, but that particular episode isn’t on this DVD.

After “Card Wars” and “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars,” viewers can enjoy 14 additional 11-minute episodes, for a total of nearly 3 hours of Adventure Time fun. A theme among the added episodes isn’t clear to me, so if you know if one, or see one emerge after watching, let us know in the comments section. I don’t know about you, but I love listening for the special guest voices that are sprinkled throughout the series. In this DVD I’ve heard Alan Tudyk, Lucy Lawless, and Keith David, among others.

Adventure Time: Card Wars includes the following episodes:

1. “Card Wars”
2. “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars”
3. “What was Missing”
4. “Up a Tree”
5. “A Glitch is a Glitch”
6. “Nemesis”
7. “Evergreen”
8. “Everything’s Jake”
9. “The Diary”
10. “Dentist”
11. “Varmints”
12. “Football”
13. “Crossover”
14. “(The) Hall of Egress”
15. “Flute Spell”
16. “The Thin Yellow Line”

My family particularly enjoys these DVDs because we can watch them in our SUV on road trips*. The quick episodes are great for shorter attention spans, and you don’t have to worry about leaving the kids hanging quite as often like when they’re watching longer movies.

*Do you have rules about how long a trip must be before you allow DVD viewing in the car? In our family, it’s a 30-minute rule. This works out well because most of where our family goes is within a 15-minute radius. If we’re traveling more than 30 minutes, we’re heading somewhere pretty far away.

If you have ever wondered, “Is Card Wars real? Can I get a set to play on my own?” The answer is YES. GeekDad Z had reviewed both the original Card Wars game in 2014, as well as the Fionna vs. Cake Collector’s Pack version earlier this year.

Which brings me to my next point. Each copy of the Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD includes a card from the Cryptozoic Entertainment Finn vs. Jake Collector’s Pack. What a great way to lure you into buying the entire set, right? That’s okay, it’s inspired my family to check it out the card game.

For those attending San Diego Comic Con on July 23rd, be sure to visit Room 16A of the San Diego Convention Center for a Cartoon Network-hosted Card Wars Doubles Tournament from 10am – 8pm. Players will get the chance to try out Cryptozoic’s latest Collector’s Pack: Doubles Tournament before it hits the streets in August. John DiMaggio, the voice of Jake (and Bender!), will be on hand as the commentator.

Adventure Time: Card Wars on DVD retails for $18.94 and will be available through outlets such as Amazon (where I’m seeing it for 1/2 the price) and Best Buy.

A complimentary sample of Adventure Time: Card Wars was provided to GeekMom for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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