Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Galactic Sneeze’s ‘Spank the Yeti’

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Image: Rick Tate
Galactic Sneeze invites you to put the kids to bed, grab a frothy beverage, and ‘Spank the Yeti.’ Image: Rick Tate

The creative and slightly askew minds of Galactic Sneeze Contagious Concepts recently brought movie buffs and tabletop game lovers the family game Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies.

Now, they are bringing a new kind of party game for ages 18 and older, Spank the Yeti: The Party Game of Questionable Decisions.

Currently in Kickstarter phase, the game has similar appeal to the interactive adult humor of games like Cards Against Humanity, but has an aura all its own. It may be raunchy, but it’s not as rude as Cards Against Humanity. It is, however, exceptionally funny.

Sara Farber, one half of the Galactic Sneeze creative team and co-creator of Spank the Yeti with Bryan Wilson, said the game works on a completely different mechanic, as well.

“Often in Cards Against Humanity, whoever has the funniest cards wins the hand… which means it’s mostly luck,” she said. “In Spank the Yeti, it’s not about who has what cards. It’s about reasoning, reading other people, and of course, humor. Also, the game is risqué, edgy, and wildly entertaining, without taking cheap shots at minorities.”

Farber said other advantages to Spank the Yeti over some similar adult party games are that every player has the potential to score points every round, the game can be played with as few as two players, and instead of just “quick jokes,” the game takes a little reasoning, the later of which can lead to some “insane stories” and laughter.

What does the Yeti say? You'd be surprised. Image screen capture from Galactic Sneeze Kickstarter.
What does the Yeti say? You’d be surprised. Image screen capture from Galactic Sneeze Kickstarter.

The game is played by each player predicting how the “Yeti” for the round will answer three multiple choice questions. Every player receives one point for each correct answer. The Yeti receives the same number of points as the player who earned the most points.

For example, would this Yeti: “Hurl into a moat of alligators… an emo teen from the MySpace era?” or “Deep fry… Chewbacca?”

The first player to 15 points wins. That’s all there is to it, except each player is given the opportunity to explain why they feel the Yeti should choose a certain answer. This is where the fun kicks in.

“Some party games require that players share very personal information, which can be awkward and uncomfortable with people you just met,” Farber added. “We’ve found a way to elicit giant laughs and blush-worthy banter… without anyone having to tell tales of their most embarrassing sexual exploits to a room full of strangers.”

This doesn’t mean players won’t have to reveal some traits. The hairiest person goes first, seeing as Yetis prefer their fellow shaggy beings.

As with the game’s predecessor, Schmovie, Galactic Sneeze has taken advantage of the interactive abilities of social media to help invite people join them in spanking the Yeti.

“We’ve built a strong community on social media for our family game, Schmovie. Before it even hit store shelves, we spent an entire year hosting daily rounds of the game on Facebook,” Farber said. “Now we run Schmovie hashtag games on Twitter every Monday that receive thousands of tweets and retweets, and typically trend in the US, UK, and Canada.

Farber said they’ve been working hard to capture the fun-loving and creative Schmovie community and bring them into the Spank the Yeti fold as well. She said the response has been not only incredible, but pretty entertaining.

“One male Facebook user commented, ‘Will Spank the Yeti get me pregnant?'” she said. “Of course we responded with a very pragmatic, ‘Maybe… are you ovultating?'”

Another person emailed them a link to a $400 yeti costume.

“I guess ours just isn’t cutting it,” she said. “I mean… what costume? Our spokes-Yeti is totally real.”

In addition to its Kickstarter presence, Spank the Yeti has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, its own website. These have worked well so far, as they are forming a community helping to support this game.

“Lots of random people are sharing our Facebook posts and tagging friends,” Farber said. “That’s the best part of all of this; seeing other people (especially ones we don’t know personally) get excited about a game we love and are so excited to make.”

Incentives for backing Spank the Yeti, depending on the amount pledged, include copies of both Yeti and Schmovie, a Yeti sketch card autographed by Farber and Wilson, one-of-a-kind artwork classical nude painting of a Yeti from acclaimed artist Tom Bennett, game “object cards” based on the contributor, and more. Even those unable to contribute can download a little Yeti papercraft or “print and play” demo, just for visiting the Kickstarter site.

Farber encourages people to give the demo a try, and contribute their comments to Kickstarter. Some ideas, she said, may even make it into the game.

Spank The Yeti, the new adult game by the makers of Schmovie. Image: Galactic Sneeze.
Spank the Yeti, the new adult game by the makers of Schmovie. Image: Galactic Sneeze.

Aside from the incentives, Farber said people should buy the game simply because it’s “fun and hilarious and fresh.”

The game itself is now funded, so Galactic Sneeze is concentrating on making the game even better with upgrade stretch goals like water-resistant cards and a glow-in-the-dark box.

Farber said Spank the Yeti game has been a labor of love, and they are “thrilled that Kickstarter is enabling them to get into the hands of others who love it the idea,” as well.

“We know there are folks out there who dig playing adult party games with their friends, who either haven’t found the right one yet, or are tired of playing the same ones over and over again,” Farber said. “We think Spank the Yeti will blow them away.”


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