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CutSew promises anyone can understand their sewing patterns. This is a bold statement to someone who, after sewing for two years, still considers herself a novice.

CutSew Pattern 006 front
CutSew Pattern 006 Image used with permission

I met CutSew at MegaCon this year in Artist Alley. I was intrigued by the fact that they were selling sewing patterns of all things. Not only were their available patterns cute and modern, they claimed to be so easy even a beginner could understand them.

Really? I’ll be the judge of that.

A few weeks later and I have one of their patterns in my hot little sewing hands.

First impressions were good. Here’s what I liked right off the back:

  • Comes in a sturdy plastic and resealable bag.

    CutSew Pattern 006
    CutSew Pattern 006 Image used with permission
  • Pattern itself is printed on 30 lb bond paper and is far more sturdy than the tissue paper stuff other patterns are made of.
  • Main information card is stiff and lists your sizing and all the materials you will need to go from start to finish.
  • Instructions are digital so you can choose if you want to print them out or read from your tablet while you work.
  • Sizing is as simple as small, medium, large, and extra large. Using the special sizing tool.

While you are on the website, look at the pictures of all the patterns they offer. The body type of the characters drawn are not all slender stick figures. They have curves, masculine features, or otherwise, are unique, just like the person putting it together. I found this be very refreshing considering most other patterns have one body type and nothing else for their models.

After getting my fabric and sitting down to work, the ease of what I was working with finally came into light. The instructions start out very basic and, on the side, they offer more advanced notes for anyone wanting to up their game.

If I were to compare these instructions to what traditional patterns give you, I’d say they took Shakespeare and turned it into Taylor Swift. No fancy talk that you needed a dictionary to look up. No funky markings on the pattern that you needed a map key to understand.

Cut here. Fold here. Sew here. And done.

It was by far the easiest pattern I’ve ever worked with.

CutSew currently offers three unisex patterns (patterns 003, 008, 009) as well as several female styles with more patterns being added every season. If you or someone you know is a beginner at the art of sewing or even someone more experienced that find traditional patterns hard to follow, check out the great selection at CutSew.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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