Download All Of Mur Lafferty’s Ebooks For Free


Mur Lafferty, author, host of Escape Pod (among other podcasts), and all around geek mom herself, is a nominee for the John W. Campbell award at WorldCon. But because of the award’s rules, the writing sample included in the voting packet that WorldCon Attending and Supporting members receive will include only one story, one from Cabinet of Curiosities.

Because she’d like the voters to see more of her work, she’s offering up all of her ebooks for free for the next two months. If you’re attending WorldCon and eligible to vote, she hopes you’ll enjoy and consider these pieces as well. If you’re not, you’re still welcome to download them, and she asks that when her next book is released, you leave a review on Amazon, GoodReads, or Barnes and Noble.

Read more at Mur’s blog and download the books in mobi or epub format.

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1 thought on “Download All Of Mur Lafferty’s Ebooks For Free

  1. Mur’s writing is amazing, I’m so glad she was nominated for a Hugo! I loved Playing for Keeps and the selection in Cabinet of Curiosities.

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