Dear Retailers, You Have Failed This Mother’s Day!

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Dear Retailers,

It’s the time of year again when people are shopping for that special woman in their life. I’m referring to Mother’s Day. And once again you have failed mothers everywhere.

While I appreciate that the $600 blender is on sale for $300 this month and that you are having a killer sale on vacuums, I’m disturbed that these sales only happen twice a year. Christmas and Mother’s Day.

For those of you who don’t peddle the appliances, you try to sell us on jewelry, pink tools, and other stereotypical “female” items. I’m kind of surprised I don’t see tampons and pads on sale at the grocery store.

My advice to you is this… come out of the stone age and get with the program.

Not every woman wants appliances or other items of the like for Mother’s Day. And as nice as that NASA-engineered crock pot is, you might as well put a bow on it with a note that reads, “Happy Mother’s Day, now go make me some dinner.”

Instead of your usual “mom” items, here is a list of things we would rather see go on sale:
Video games (oh I’m sorry, did you not think moms were gamers?)
Board games
Computers (heck technology in general)
Craft supplies
Adult coloring books
Weights that go above 15 lbs and have a soft cover on them (and they don’t have to be a “girl” color)
Tools (see note about “girl” colors above)
Shirts with things like “Jedi Master Mom” on them
Sales on spa treatments or relaxing “mom” time experiences
Movie tickets
Yoga or other workout equipment that is not soaked in pink
Anything on the GeekMom/GeekDad Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Do you see a trend here?

We are not simply the cooks or the cleaners.

We are individuals with individual tastes and interests.

Sure some of us are passionate about cooking and organic vegan bread making. But some of us are avid gamers, crafters, and heck, even costumers. We don’t want brooms that we can buy for ourselves (unless it’s the Nimbus 2000) or the latest in carpet cleaning technology. We want something that will give us time to ourselves to refuel and remember that we are not just cooks and cleaners, we are women. We are individuals. And your sales ads should remember that.

Sincerely, Mothers Everywhere.

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