Ninth Doctor Returns in His Own Mini-Series

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Titan’s Ninth Doctor mini-series goes on sale April 1st, with cover art by Alice X. Zhang and a bevy of location and event-exclusive variant covers. Images: Titan Comics.

This story is Part Two of a 2-Part Series Commemorating The Tenth Anniversary of The Ninth Doctor. See Part One, Re-Watching the Ninth Doctor.

The Ninth Doctor is finally returning to the world of Doctor Who just in time for the Tenth Anniversary of his debut, as Titan Comics announces it’s Ninth Doctor mini-series, “Weapons of Past Destruction.”

The five-issue is penned by Who-ology: The Official Doctor Who Miscellany co-author Cavan Scott with art by Blair Shedd (Legends of Oz, Ghostbusters). The story takes place following the World War II era events of “The Empty Child” where the Doctor and fan-favorite companions Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness discover the black market sale of Time Lord technology scavenged from the Time War. In true Doctor Who form, this discovery could threaten another temporal conflict.

In addition to Who-ology, Scott has penned more than 70 books and audio dramas. His comic experience includes Judge Dredd, The Beano, Skylanders, and other titles.

Scott said he and Shedd made sure to create a story that wouldn’t disappoint them or any reader. Scott felt the dynamic between the characters has been particularly enjoyable to work with.

“Both Blair and I feel a great sense of responsibility as we know many, many people love these characters. We’re working hard to get it right,” Scott says. “But, we’re also having a blast, too! It’s such a fun TARDIS team to play with. Lots of banter and one-upmanship.”

Scott realizes how important the characters in Series One have been to many Doctor Who viewers.

“The Ninth Doctor has a legion of loyal supporters out there, and quite rightly so, he said. “I class myself firmly as one. ”

One of the things he wanted to do was to capture the distinct tone of Eccleston’s Doctor in both speech patterns and personality.

“Number Nine does have a very particular way of speaking so I’ve had to watch his episodes over and over again, which was no great hardship I can tell you,” Scott said. “Lots of short sharp sentences, truly awful jokes and, of course, moments when he looks like he’s going to completely lose it. And when he does lose it, well, in the words of his future incarnation, ‘basically, run!'”

For Scott, one of the most enjoyable things was being able to have the chance to expand on Nine’s comparatively short era.

Cavan Scott. Image courtesy of Titan Comics.
Ninth Doctor mini-series writer Cavan Scott. Image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Since all of the Ninth Doctor’s era was Planet Earth-centric, Scott was happy for a chance to get him and his team away from Earth and onto alien planets.

“(I like) seeing the interplanetary adventures we never quite saw on a series that, quite rightly, focused on Earth-with the odd visit to a space-station or two along the way,” he said. “One of my briefs from Titan was to deliver a story that was ‘cosmic’, with big consequences for both the Doctor and the universe if it all goes wrong. They wanted to see the Doctor in space-and that’s literally where ‘Weapons of Past Destruction’ starts.”

Scott said the way Series One was set provided a good opportunity to create new stories, and still adhere to the show’s natural continuity.

“Luckily, there’s a handy gap that Russell T. Davies wrote into the series,” he said. “We see Jack go off with Rose and the Doctor at the end of The Doctor Dances, and the next we know they’ve arrived in Cardiff in Boom Town, where they’re annoying poor Mickey with stories about all their cool adventures together.”

He said there might be a few surprises in store for readers, particularly those familiar with the season.

“Not that I can share any of course because, you know: spoilers!,” Scott said. “There will also be the odd Easter egg dotted around for eagle-eyed fans of the show, if you know where to look.”

The Ninth Doctor’s comic debuted with star treatment this month at this year’s London Super Comic Con (LSCC), featuring the release exclusive LSCC variant cover by Christian Ward from Forbidden Planet in London.

Scott also talked about the series, including a behind-the-scenes look at its creation, at a Doctor Who comics panel alongside Eleventh Doctor series writer Al Ewing and humor strip creators Rachel Smith, Colin Bell, and Mark Ellerby, and Titan Comics editors.

Readers can expect to see the Ninth Doctor series hit retailers on April 1st, and Titan has even released a promotional trailer to help get fans excited about the comic.

The reception for the first Doctor Who comics series, as well as last year’s inaugural Doctor Who Comics Day, has been so well received, Titan is planning a repeat performance Saturday, August 15th, with new events and promotions at retailers worldwide.

“We received fantastic feedback from retailers and comic readers about last year’s Doctor Who Comics Day event that we decided to turn this into an annual global event for Doctor Who fans,” Titan Comics marking manager Ricky Claydon said in the event’s official announcement. “I can’t say too much about this year’s event at the moment but it’s certainly going to be even bigger and better!”

Doctor Who isn’t the only British icon Titan Comics will recognize this year, as they have recently announced “Best of British Month” in May with a series of promotions and events celebrating both new and established award-nominated and award-winning British comic talent including Si Spurrier (Number Cruncher), Alan Martin (Tank Girl), Rob Williams and D’Israeil (Ordinary), and several others.

nine #1 sample
The Ninth Doctor series will include everything Nine fans love about Series One including the fan-favorite companions Rose and Jack, adventure and plenty of Nine’s sharp and snappy comments. Page image courtesy of Titan Comics.

Scott is looking forward to people getting a chance to read the new Ninth Doctor adventure, as well as seeing the work of Shedd, whom he referred to as a “brilliant artist.”

“I can’t wait for people to see Blair’s gorgeous artwork,” Scott said. “He’s completely nailed Eccleston’s Doctor. And his colored art is just beautiful. Just wait until you see the lighting in the TARDIS. It’s straight out of the show.”

Scott said it is hard to believe it has been ten years since Doctor Who returned to television in 2005.

“I still remember seeing the first trailer, where the Ninth Doctor asked if we wanted to go with him,” Scott recalled. “I’d tried to avoid as many spoilers as possible, so that first glance of the TARDIS control room was so exciting.”

Today, the show has entered the record books as the longest running science fiction in television show in history, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. Scott hopes this series helps extend his and other Doctor Who lovers’ gratitude for everyone involved in creating Series One getting the ball–or TARDIS–rolling once more.

“A lot has happened in the decade since that first aired-with Doctor Who bigger than ever—but I think all of the successive Doctors have much to thank Christopher Eccleston for,” Scott said. “He helped bring the show back with a bang. This mini-series is our thank you to the cast and crew of the 2005 series.”


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