Monster Jam Down Under!!

I am a girl of simple tastes: I like Earl Grey with my Star Trek, Evans with my Marvel, and a solid Philip K. Dick story any day of the week. But there is one thing on my bucket list I have yet to cross off: MONSTER JAM!!

It’s true. I am a Monster Jam virgin. My eardrums are still intact and my eyes not yet blinded by pyrotechnics. I feel somewhat… denied.

Photo provided by Mango Communications on behalf of Monster Jam
Photo provided by Mango Communications on behalf of Monster Jam

It’s really strange, especially since I grew up around a lot of different transport vehicles. My dad was a driver for Army Transport. I have watched him in motorbike stunts (read: “safety displays”), had rides in tanks, and been taken to school in the back of convoy trucks (literally – it was after a kangaroo jumped on the school bus… another story).

Monster Trucks, however, are not your standard military vehicle. Pity.

But then I received The Email. “Hey EG Mum, did you hear Monster Jam is coming to Australia this year?”

Well, tank me up and LET’S GO!!

Of course, I did check for tips and advice from my fellow GeekDad / GeekMom crew:

Tony advised me to pick up ear plugs. I consider it an added bonus we all can communicate with sign language.

Jamie warned me about the temperature in the venue – there needs to be sufficient ventilation, so the venue needs to stay open at one end for the duration. October in Australia isn’t too bad, but worthy of noting.

And if I have the opportunity to join the Party in the Pits, I am to grab the wheel with both hands and just GO!

However, no-one warned me of the ongoing excitement in the house … someone yelling “MONNNSTERRRR JAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!” every day or so. Seriously, though, these Monsters are… well, they are ginormous. Gargantuan. Humongous. They are the dai kaiju of monster trucks.

These things stand nearly four metres tall and four metres wide! Each and every one of them is custom-designed to bring out the driver (and the vehicles) individual personality. Even this Monster Truck newbie has heard of ‘Grave Digger’ and ‘Monster Mutt Dalmatian’. Though, after checking out the photos, I’m kind of partial to Pirates Curse.

Photo provided by Mango Communications on behalf of Monster Jam
Photo provided by Mango Communications on behalf of Monster Jam

When I say partial, I mean I can imagine driving that baby in Mario Kart 8 and smashing EG Dad’s little blue Yoshi. In real life, I’m looking forward to watching the professionals show off their flying stunts, launching 5,500kg of pure grunt across the stadium sky in a blaze of glory.

Monster Jam Sydney Venue
Photo provided by Mango Communications on behalf of Monster Jam

I am now watching our 2yo daughter, Zaltu, as she considers what stunts SHE can try while we patiently wait for October. She’s starting small with the Tonka Trucks, but it’s only a matter of time before all three spawnlings start eyeing off the distance from the table to the sandpit…


Monster Jam is coming back to Australia in October 2016. This time, there are seven shows across five cities; Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and for the first time, Adelaide! Tickets are on sale now, through TicketMaster and Ticketek.

If you have been to a Monster Jam before, give me all your tips and advice in the comments below!

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