Lois Lane Doubles Down on Adventure in Her Latest YA Outing

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Lois Lane: Double Down

Lois Lane is back in an all-new novel! The first book in the series, which follows a teenage Lois Lane through some of her first adventures in Metropolis, made longtime fans of Lois Lane (including myself) feel like the character had been done justice. I’m happy to report that the second book, Lois Lane: Double Down, is just as good–if not better–and one of the few places you can still find Lois Lane done right.

Lois is more settled into her life in Metropolis. Her friends at school trust her and her nose for news, the high school staff tolerates her, and Perry White yells at her at her after-school job. (Which is normal.) She’s even happy with her relationship with SmallvilleGuy, her mysterious online best friend and future Man of Steel, even if she’s not sure it’s actually a relationship.

Double DownWhen her friend’s sister collapses and the intrepid reporter rushes to help, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery. A secret lab, mad scientist, mob boss, and sightings of a flying man all sound like something out of a comic book, but it’s just another week in the life of Lois Lane.

Even though these novels are set in Superman’s world, make no mistake, this is Lois Lane’s story. When she finds herself in a sticky situation, she wisely tells SmallvilleGuy where she is before getting herself out of it. But instead of flying to her rescue, he simply calls her parents to tell them she may be in trouble. That’s right, Lois handles it on her own, and Clark lets her–and intervenes by letting her parents know only when he’s not sure she’s safe. I’m a big fan of stories with superheroic elements that offer real-life solutions for young readers to identify with and perhaps draw from themselves.

The DC universe that Bond is creating is so compelling that I can’t help wishing that a TV series could be built around it. And I would also love to see novels or stories told from young Clark Kent’s point of view. Basically, I want more.

Lois Lane: Double Down is practically required reading for anyone who’s a fan of the character, no matter your age. The book is now available from Switch Press.

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