‘Explorer of the World’ – Kids’ Music That Can Take You Places

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Frances England

Frances England is back with her fifth album for kids and families with Explorer of the World. Her sunny, sweet voice is paired with toe-tapping beats and a topic kids are very interested in: the everyday world around them. From the bustle of a city street to stopping to look at something you never noticed before, Explorer of the World encourages kids and their parents to pause from their busy lives to explore the amazing world around them.

The message of Explorer of the World is one that struck a chord with me and likely will with other geeky parents: stop for a moment, put away the device in your hand, and look and listen everything around you. England finds music in the bees buzzing and the beats of a city street.

“All The Things I Found” is an upbeat ditty that inspires kids to concentrate on seeing the world with new eyes. When paired with the activity sheets from England’s upcoming Art + Activity Book, you have a perfect way to spend a bright spring afternoon. Get a sneak peek of an activity here on GeekMom now, and head outside with the kids for a screen-free good time.

Explorer of the WorldOther standout songs are “City of Hills,” an ode to San Francisco that paints a picture so vivid that you feel like you’re there, and “Ballad for a Beatbox,” featuring the amazing talent of Carlos Aguierre, which has inspired my daughter to practice her “boots n’ cats” beat herself.

Explorer of the World is both soothing and energizing and perfectly appealing to young listeners. Paired with a message to stop and appreciate the moment that listeners of any age should take to heart, this album is a great one to add to your stash of music for the entire family.

A promotional copy was provided for review purposes.

All images © Frances England, top photo credit: Allison Busch

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