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Check Out This Amazing Steampunk Quilt

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Steampunk Quilt
Photo Courtesy Becky Prior

I can’t get over how amazing this quilt is. A while back, I started a steampunk Block of the Month quilt project. I ended the project after only six months (I still hope to finish it) but that didn’t stop Becky Prior from using the February block as part of an elaborate steampunk quilt:goggles

See it? The first block on the upper left. She’s also incredible for formally asking my permission to use it in her quilt, as she’s done so much extra work here that I’d have never known the difference.

She wanted me to also mention that the quilting was done by Jackie Brown. (In the quilting world, it’s common for one person to piece the quilt and then hire someone else with specialty equipment to do the quilting.)

This picture was taken at the Dallas Quilt Show, but the quilt will also be on display at the very prestigious Paducah Quilt Show.

If you’ve made a quilt from any of the steampunk blocks, I’d love to see it. Leave a comment, or drop me a line.

Meanwhile, if you want a new block of the month quilt for inspiration, I highly recommend this book by Linda Frost. There are robots.

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2 thoughts on “Check Out This Amazing Steampunk Quilt

  1. The most wonderful quilt I have ever seen….being as I’m so ‘Steampunk’ orientated! Impressive and very beautifully designed. Would you object to me putting a photograph of it onto one of my Steampunk Boards on Pinterest..? Or should I ask the permission of the photographer, Becky Prior..? Thank you for posting this picture!

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