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Easter 07

I’ll be honest with you – the Evil Genius family doesn’t celebrate Easter, per se.

For us, it’s a four day long Festival of Chocolate. A long-weekend of sleep and chocolate.

The only thing we truly celebrate is the honorary sleep-in for the ‘grown-ups’ on Sunday morning – thanks to some prior planning the night before.

9yo Sinister and 6yo Nefarious have a pretty good understanding of the various festivals at this time of year. They know about seasonal festivities, cultural appropriation, and – most important of all – how chocolate and sleep put EG Mum in a good mood.

The only thing 2yo Zaltu knows about at this age is The Easter Egg Hunt.

So let’s keep it simple. I have two strategies to win some extra sleep or extra chocolate. It’s your choice.

Extra Sleep

Here’s your plan for Saturday night – and let’s face it; you’re a parent. It’s not like you have anything else in mind.

These are the eggs our spawnlings ‘happened to see’ around the house:

Easter Egg Decoys
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

This is the area we have for hiding eggs:

Evil Genius Lair Backyard
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

And THESE are the eggs that will be hidden in the area on Saturday night:

Evil Genius Easter Eggs
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

Guaranteed extra 30 minutes sleep-in on Sunday morning. Maybe even an hour.

If you REALLY can’t sleep in during this time, or if your existence sucks enough that you have to wake up early on Sunday morning to hide the eggs, then at least you gain peaceful enjoyment of your cup of tea/coffee.

Go check the stash. Look for green Eggs or green wrapping paper. You still have time to go shopping.

If you have snow, fellow GeekDad writer Randy Slavey suggests wrapping the eggs in white paper. Works just as well.

White Easter
Photo by Randy Slavey

Extra Chocolate 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to boost your chocolate stash then this next option is for you.

Last year, my crazy aunt suggested color-coordinated baskets and eggs; something about ensuring fairness amongst the spawnlings. Should be noted she doesn’t have kids and doesn’t know the Law of the Jungle with chocolate: I found it, therefore, it’s mine.

Nevertheless, I promised to give it a try:

EG Inc Easter Baskets
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

And here are the chocolate eggs to hide for this hunt:

Evil Genius Easter Eggs
Photo by Evil Genius Mum

EG Dad was a little upset with the divvy of loot, so I added a token red egg for him. No guarantee on the success rating of this one – last year, Sinister just unwrapped the eggs and claimed them all as darker shades of yellow.
The hardest part this Easter is choosing which strategy to take.

Sleep or Chocolate? Chocolate or Sleep?

Or … Do you have a third? Share in the comments!

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