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Are you a female Star Wars fan, a Jedi Mom? Do you love to delve deep into the magic and the mythos of that time ago in a galaxy far, far away?  Are you ready to talk about Force Awakens feels? Sit down and hang on like BB-8 because I have a podcast for you.

Last month saw the pod launch of Lattes with Leia. Brought to you by the amazing Star Wars fan collective over at Coffee with Kenobi. My fan discussion need not be gender specific. However something just feels so right about the timing of this podcast and the awakening of a new female hero in the Star Wars world.

This welcomed all geek girl talk is hosted by Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi. Amy is a writer for Starwars.com, Nerdist and Comicbookresources. Dr. Letamendi is a clinical psychologist and a self proclaimed Sith . She has shared her professional heroes and villains analysis through TED Talks and on  underthemaskonline.com. Both hosts come with a rich passion for Star Wars and for intelligent, insightful discussion.

This first episode, “A Rey of Hope” features a segment about where Rey fits in the The Force Awakens and what we know of her so far . Since seeing the movie in December, I have been trying to untangle my own feelings towards Rey and the movie. It has been an emotional, almost reverent pause that has left me in a state of ponder. It was amazing to hear Amy and Andrea sharing how they too, were affected by the introduction of a female hero’s journey.

My daughter Ella as Leia, Hera and Captain Phasma Photo: Melody Mooney

I have loved Star Wars my whole life and now have a daughter who loves it just as much. As J.J. Abrams predicted, she is the next generation of Star Wars fan.

This Geekmom is thrilled to shine a spotlight on Lattes with Leia. There is a lot to love. Now go listen and become part of the Coffee with Kenobi family so we can share the feels and the new Star Wars journey together.

Listen to the Podcast here 



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