Top 20 GeekMom Articles of 2015

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As 2015 comes to a close and we prepare for 2016, take a look at some of your top viewed GeekMom posts from 2015.

What does this list tell us? That you are a diverse group of readers, interested in everything from creativity to conventions to coding to knitting to Lego to pop culture discussions.

What’s ahead? There’s sure to be more about women in the world of geekdom, DIY articles putting geeky spin on clothing, knitting and baking, more tech and more strong opinions about everything from Marvel movies to the comics.

Thanks for joining us in 2015 and here’s to a great 2016!

If you like any of the below articles, let us know why in the comments.

1.The Meanest Thing You Say to Your Creative Friend

What I could really use is a time turner on my hands. Photo by lozikiki on Flickr
What I could really use is a time turner on my hands. Photo by lozikiki on Flickr

Article by Ruth Suehle.

You just worked your creative butt off and finished the final touches on your amazing project only to show it to a trusted friend, family member, or blog community and this is the response you get:

You have too much time on your hands.

In her article, Ruth discusses how this phrase can take on dual meanings. She also addresses how one should respond to such comments, with or without snarky retaliation when dealing with friends, family, or anonymous commenters working on their troll skills.

2.Whoops! Inappropriate Old Movie

Whoops, inappropriate movie.
That’s a whole different sort of entertainment. (CC 2.0 by Nadia Hatoum)

 Article by Laura Grace Weldon.

Have you ever thought about showing some of your favorite cult classics to your tiny human?

Check out Laura Weldon’s article about showing Blazing Saddles, Airplane, or Sleeper to her kiddos.

Also, check out some of the comments other geeky moms have faced when watching movies that are inappropriate for kids. Pop some popcorn, scroll through the hilarious comments from fellow GeekMoms and enjoy this article one more time.

3.Why I Won’t Be Attending Wizard World

An upcoming Wizard World convention’s webpage with the “Cosplay & Fan Communities” section conspicuously empty, but representative of their attitude towards those groups. Screenshot by Ruth Suehle (thanks to Boycott Wizard World on Facebook for pointing out this glaring hole in event information).

Article by Ruth Suehle.

Wizard World-branded Convention, is it a Fandom gathering or Fan-exploitation.

In her article about the pros and, well, cons, Ruth takes on the Wizard World convention and how they move in after other major conventions come to town. She even explores several instances when Wizard World feigned ignorance when prize winners stepped forward to claim their prize, only to receive blank stares from the Wizard World officials.

Explore Ruth’s hard hitting article about disappointed fans as they get slapped in the face by Wizard World Convention and its dark secrets.

4.  The Dreaded G-Word: When Your Child is Asynchronous

Image Source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley
Image Source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

Article by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley.

Parenting isn’t neat, clean, or pretty. Most days parenting consists of chaos and emotional highs or lows.

In her article about gifted asynchronous kids, Caitlin explores the blessings and learning moments of parenting a young mind that is years beyond his curve.

This beautiful article will warm your heart. So take a second gander at this parenting moment and how Google is Caitlin’s best friend, while parenting a tiny genius.

5.  Step Away From My Newborn. Right. Now.

let mom bond with newborn, father bonding with newborn,
The first few days are especially vital for bonding. (CCo public domain, gaborfejes)

Article by Laura Grace Weldon.

The miracle of birth and the first week of parenthood can be emotional and beautiful.

Join new mother, now mother of four, Laura on her rocky journey into parenthood. And compare horror stories of parenthood and when to show your teeth when someone grabs your newborn child from your protective clutches.

6.  Screen Free Week: 5 Reasons to Say No

Photo courtesy of S. Cook.
Photo courtesy of S. Cook.

Article by Samantha Cook.

Screen-free Week, Ugh! As parents, the dos and don’ts of parenting become overbearing. However, Samantha Cook tackles five logical reasons to put up a fight and just say “No” to changing one’s habits revolving around kids and electronics.

As Samantha states in her article, “We now live in a period dominated by technology and that is not going to go away. Neither are the tech passions and interests of our kids.”

Don’t get bullied into thinking screen time is bad. Check out Samantha’s article and remember, you are the parent and only you can make the best judgement call for your kiddos.

7.  The Unexpected Way ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ is Helping My 8 Year Old Autistic Son

Image: PBS Kids
Image: PBS Kids

Article by Natania Barron.

“When you’re feeling frustrated, take a step back and ask for help.”

Sometimes we stand in the eye of a storm and don’t know how to react to those around us.

Reread this amazing article by Natania Barron and then relive those emotional attachments as she tells us about her autistic son, Liam, and daughter, Katerina. She talks about how her kids use Daniel Tiger songs to learn and teach one another about how to react while in a storm of emotions.

8.  10 Questions to Ask at a Con Panel to Get Yourself Booed Out of the Hall

Anthony Daniels teaching a lesson about heckling at Emerald City Comicon. Photo: Kelly Knox
Anthony Daniels teaching a lesson about heckling at Emerald City Comicon. Photo: Kelly Knox

Article by Kelly Knox.

Your palms are sweating. You are about to speak directly to one of your favorite celebrities. You finally get to the mic…

What do you ask?

Get some great advice from Kelly Knox as she runs down some of the dos and don’ts of Con questions. Don’t look silly in front of your hunky, future geeky husband of your dreams. Plan ahead and avoid some of these faux paus of Con questions: don’t ask for a hug, autograph, phone number, or marriage proposal.

Be prepared. Check out Kelly’s advice on how to prepare for a Con question panel.

9.  Cover Girl Announces Star Wars Edition Makeup

Image credit: CoverGirl via Allure Magazine
Image credit: CoverGirl via Allure Magazine

Article by Ruth Suehle.

If you haven’t seen the commercial for CoverGirl’s new Star Wars limited-edition collection, then it’s time to pop that bubble you have been in and check out these amazing colors.

Ruth Suehle has also linked the Allure article revealing the entire collection.

10.  5 Reasons to Love ‘Lava’

Image courtesy of Pixar.
Image courtesy of Pixar.

Article by Cindy White.

Pixar is known for its short, short films that premiere at the beginning of a movie.

If you have seen Inside Out then you might be familiar with the new short called “Lava.”

Follow along as Cindy White gives five reasons to love this new Pixar short (like the need to go on a tropical vacation after viewing the short film). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

11.  Calling All Book Nerds! 7 Reasons You’d Love Volunteering at the School Library

Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

Article by Kelly Knox.

Not everyone is cut out to be a Room Mom, PTA Mom, or even part of one of the many groups at your child’s school. Well, if you love books, check out Kelly Knox’s article about the joys of volunteering at your child’s school library.

Kelly explores 7 great reasons to volunteer at the school library, like learning about books that interest your child’s age range. What’s HOT! And what is not, when it comes to YA, MD, or even picture books.

Also, you get a chance to get to know your child’s peers. Best of all, LEARN THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM. You are a geek, so get your geek on and learn one of the coolest things about libraries.

What more could you want: the smell of books, getting to know your kid’s peers, learning new geeky systems, and Most of ALL getting to spend time with your little geek while in his or her surroundings.

So, check out Kelly’s article and learn seven great reasons to volunteer at your child’s school library.

12.  Why You and Your Children Should Read a Book With No Words

Image: The Lion and the Mouse, Little Brown and Co.
Image: The Lion and the Mouse, Little Brown and Co.

Article by Amy Weir.

Picture books. Is there more to them than meets the eye? YES!

Get the inside scoop from a children’s librarian about picture books and how important it is to read a picture book without words. Wordless picture books are just as important to early readers as books filled with text. Each style of book has a unique purpose. However, most of us don’t know what to do or how to read a book without words.

Follow along as Amy Weir shows us how to read a wordless picture book. She teaches some of us Newbs how to make a picture book challenging to young, and older, minds.

Learn to teach your kiddos how to give a voice to the hidden narrative of a wordless picture book.

Also, share some of your favorite picture books in the comment section of GeekMom and keep the narrative going.

13.  Rape as a Plot Device: The Difference Between ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

You deserved better plotting, Sansa. Image via HBO
You deserved better plotting, Sansa. Image via HBO

Article by Corrina Lawson.

Rape. How do we discuss such a disturbing subject, especially in some of our favorite TV series? Well, Corrina Lawson takes on the challenge and develops nothing short of eye opening.

Check out Corrina’s article on the difference between rape as a plot device in both Game of Thrones and Spartacus. She takes on some controversial scenes in both series. Follow along as Corrina tackles some excellent points of view about when is it okay to use rape as a plot device.

If you are familiar with either of these series, then you are aware that this article will delve into the realm of nudity, violence and other devices. Please be advised that some spoilers might appear if you are not caught up on current seasons.

14.  In Defense of Horror: 5 Reasons to Scare Your Kids

Image courtesy Photostock. copyright: Kryzhov
Image courtesy Photostock. copyright: Kryzhov

Article by E. Lillith McDermott.

Horror movies. When is it okay for your child to experience the thrills and chills of a scary movie?

Follow along as young adult author Lillith McDermott discusses five major reasons to scare your kiddos. She even provides a link to her Kid Tested, Mother Approved article listing horror movies, books, and TV series appropriate for young ones.

Check out some of the reasons Lillith supports horror movies for the younger ages. Learn why horror offers life lessons and how the genre teaches kiddos about heroes and villains coming in different shapes and sizes.

And don’t forget to check under your bed for goblins and ghouls. Muahahaha.

15.  Geeky Ornaments to Knit and Crochet

Geek Knits Nerdy Holiday Ornaments Joan of Dark Toni Carr Knit Picks
Photo: Knit Picks

Article by Tesla.

Have an addiction to yarn and needles? Grab your knitting or crocheting needles and follow as Tesla supplies pictures of some amazing knitting and crocheting projects for those of you looking for a small project during the fall.

From Weeping Angels and Hogwarts House socks to Cthulhu holiday ornaments, check out these amazing patterns. Tesla provides links to each pattern’s website(s).

So keep your fingers warm this fall by working those knitting and crocheting needles with geeky patterns everyone will love to collect.

16.  The Ultimate List of Tutorials, Apps, and Games to Teach Kids Coding

Small Hacker. Image credit: Flickr user donnieray, CC BY 2.0
Small Hacker. Image credit: Flickr user donnieray, CC BY 2.0

Article by Ariane Coffin.

Check out this extensive list of coding tutorials, apps and games compiled by GeekMom Ariane Coffin.

This list is not just for kids. Adults are welcome too. Check out some of these free or purchase worthy products and chisel an hour out of your day to get familiar with coding.

17.  To the Parents of High School Seniors


Article by Karen Walsh.

Do you have a child that is about to graduate high school and enter the realm of college?

Check out Karen Walsh’s article and consider whether your child is really, truly ready for the journey ahead. As a professor, Karen walks through some of the hardships of student struggles that she has experienced, as a professor of such kids.

Get first-hand knowledge from a first-year writing instructor on whether you and your child are truly ready for the future, and if it is worth spending the money right away.

Maybe that year off to explore things isn’t such a bad idea, once you have read Karen’s article and given it some more thought. Then again, maybe you feel the opposite. Either way, this article is a must read for parents of college freshman.

18.  Raising Science-y Kids on the Cheap

raising science nerds, raising STEM kids,
It’s all how you see it. (CC by 3.0 CSIRO)

Article by Laura Grace Weldon.

Do you have kids that love science? Feeling the pinch from the holidays? Check out Laura Weldon’s article on doing STEM without hurting your bank account further.

Following along as Grace shares some of her hilarious stories about kids and how their curiosity led to one child using toothpaste to spackle a secret hold in his closet. Or the birth of “Trumpet Man” and how her son welded scrap metal into human form.

Re-read this article for all of Laura’s journeys into exploring science-y topics but not having to purchase kits from Amazon in order to learn.

Sometimes the best method of education is just play and curiosity.

19.  Join GeekMom for the Oscars Sunday Night

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Article by Patricia Vollmer.

GeekMoms Rachel and Patricia live chat about the Oscars via Facebook.

Follow the links via this article and check out some of their awesome commentary.

20.  Lego Announces Release Date for Fan-Designed ‘Big Bang Theory’ Set

Image credit:
Image credit:

Article by Patricia Vollmer.

A fan designed Big Bang Theory Lego set becomes reality thanks to the Cuusoo project. The original sales price is set at $59.99.

Check out Patricia Vollmer’s article about some of your favorite geeky details about the TV show brought into the world of Lego.

Also, have a design idea for a Lego set? This article also briefly discusses how to make your dream of creating a Lego set a reality. All you need is an idea and ten thousand votes.

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