8 Ways to Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ With Your Youngest Fans

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December 18th will be like a national holiday for Star Wars fans. We’ve been waiting years for The Force Awakens to arrive, and it’s hard not to get swept up in all the excitement ahead of its release.

But what about your youngest Star Wars fans, who may be too young to actually see The Force Awakens in theaters? This is so variable from family to family, as you and your kids might feel ready at different ages to head to the theater for this one.

But for those with kids who are sitting it out, how can they participate in all the fun when they can’t see the movie? Here are some ideas to celebrate Star Wars fever with them:

1.Head to a Lego store
Or Target. Or Toys ‘R Us. Anywhere they can see the awesome The Force Awakens Lego sets and maybe pick one out to ease the pain of missing out on the Big Event.

Photo courtesy of Lego, used with permission.
Photo courtesy of Lego, used with permission.

2. Watch Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales
My three-year-old and I went to a special screening of the Droid Tales finale last month at the Lego Flatiron store. The event was pretty cool, with a life-size Lego Stormtrooper, and a remote-controlled Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. 

This show is a great gateway for younger fans. It’s streaming now on Amazon, and you can watch clips on Disney XD. My daughter loved it, much more than Rebels and The Clone Wars, which are still a little too scary for her.

3. Make some Star Wars snowflakes
GeekMom Lisa just tried out the latest collection of snowflake patterns from Anthony Herrera, all inspired by The Force Awakens. 

Image: Lisa Kay Tate.
Image: Lisa Kay Tate.

You can also check out the snowflake patterns from Matters of Grey for more designs.

These are a challenge for little hands to cut, but they can certainly help decorate the house with them.

4. Head to GeekMom Kelly’s The Start Button for so many adorable crafts
I love Kelly’s crafts to pieces. Have you seen her watercolor Stormtrooper? Or her Star Wars handprint paintings?

Photo: Kelly Knox
Photo: Kelly Knox

In addition to her awesome DIYs here at GeekMom, her site The Start Button is full of more cool stuff to try out with your young fans.

5. Try watching the prequels and original trilogy
The pod racing in Phantom Menace kept our daughter entertained, but Attack of the Clones was just too much for her. I mean, let’s face it: That one is too much for all of us. Ugh, the love story don’t even get me started on that travesty what was Lucas thinking?

Said daughter is also really into Ewoks and droids, but less into… pretty much everything else in the original trilogy. So, we’ve had them on over the years, and sometimes she watches and sometimes she doesn’t. But she knows enough to recognize a lot of the good stuff. #teamyoda

6.Read together!
This is good anywhere, anytime. Between the Jedi Academy books, Jeffrey Brown’s hilarious takes on Darth Vader and fatherhood, and even Tom Angelberger’s Origami Yoda books, there are great Star Wars reads out there for kids of any age. Even if they can head to the movies with you in a few weeks, the galaxy of books out there is so much fun to read and share.

7. Speaking of Origami Yoda
You should definitely try to make an origami Yoda together. It is imperative, and so much fun. You could pick up Tom Angelberger’s Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and DoodlingYou could just follow along with a tutorial like this one:

8. Bake together
So. Many. Cookie cutters. And the classic Star Wars Cookbook. And Pinterest boards full of cupcake ideas as far as the eye can see. Get searching. And then get baking! 

GeekMom received a Lego Star Wars set for review purposes.

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