Start Kids on a Coding Adventure with the ‘Minecraft’ Hour of Code

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Not only will your coding Padawan have the opportunity to learn programming concepts with the help of Star Wars, this morning Microsoft released a new Minecraft coding tutorial for the Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code Minecraft tutorial, aimed at kids ages 6 and up, encourages young Minecraft fans to learn to code with Blockly, a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The hour kicks off with a video tutorial starring the lead Minecraft developer, Jens, who walks your kids through the interface and how to get started programming.

© Microsoft
© Microsoft

The mini-programmer chooses Steve or Alex, and then embarks on a coding adventure by tackling 14 mini-challenges to learn about creating a simple program. According to the Microsoft press release:

Designed for ages 6 and up, the “Minecraft” tutorial introduces players to basic coding skills, encouraging them to navigate, mine, craft and explore in a 2-D “Minecraft” world by plugging together blocks to complete all actions and generate computer code. Players are offered a set of 14 challenges, including free play time, to explore coding concepts they’ve learned through the tutorial.

The Minecraft Hour of Code is now available on

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