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My local orchestra, The Albany Symphony, has a concert series aimed at families with young children. This season they are total geeks. Harry Sonata and The Baton of Power, Star Warriors: The Opera, and The Superhero Show. Here’s a write up for the first one:

“Young Harry Sonata doesn’t want to be an ordinary wizard; he wants to become a musical wizard. But to do that, he’ll have to do battle with the evil Lord Moldywart and learn to wield the “Baton of Power.” He’ll need your help learning all about the art of conducting so he can vanquish the forces of evil and make the orchestra SING! Great music by: Tchaikovsky, Sousa, Strauss, Beethoven, and others.”

This reminded me that last April, there was a screening of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at Lincoln Center accompanied by a live symphony orchestra and chorus. I was so bummed I couldn’t attend, but hope another opportunity to experience it comes my way. Pairing classical music with geeky themes is a great way to engage modern audiences. There’s nothing like hearing live music (seriously, it’s proven by science) but listening to any kind of music is good for us. So what else pairs classical music with geeky themes?

How about the Game of Thrones theme song operatically sung by three tenors?

Of course the Video Game Orchestra is always kickin’ it:

And finally some electronica paired with classical strings. Here’s Skratch Bastid and the Afiara Quartet:

Have you seen or heard other classical and geek mash-ups?

Image By Forte

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  1. Rachel, my 15 year old niece and her boyfriend are orchestral players…she plays the cello, he plays the viola…they have played music from DR. WHO and STAR WARS for me.

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