“Back to the Future” 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray

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bttfToday is Back to the Future day! And while we still do need roads these days, today is also the day that Doc and Marty McFly travel to in Back to the Future II to help out Marty and Jennifer’s kids.

Most of the flashier, more visible changes in society from that movie did not happen (flying cars, Mr. Fusion, self-drying clothes, etc.), but many of the background technologies did (video calls, handheld computing, biometric scanners, etc.). But regardless, it’s fun to experience the now-retrofuturism of 1985 and later.

I’ve long since worn out my VHS copies of the Back to the Future trilogy. Along with the Star Wars trilogy and Spacecamp (don’t laugh), I watched the BTTF movies more than just about anything. They helped define my science fiction interests during my teen years. History, time travel, love, humor… Sign me up.

Though my interest in the trilogy never waned, it kind of fell out of my movie rotation as I developed additional interests and my VCR died. But now the whole trilogy (plus a ton of bonus features) are on Blu-ray in a new, 30th anniversary edition.

We only recently got a Blu-ray player, so the quality of the discs is still pretty novel. But with something as visual as Back to the Future, it’s a great way to watch.

The new 30th Anniversary Trilogy set comes with all three movies, obviously, but also a bonus disc and many hours of bonus features:

  • Blu-ray movies plus digital HD
  • Doc Brown Saves the World! – New original short with Doc Brown talking about some of the 2015 gadgets from the movies
  • OUTATIME: Restoring the DeLorean – About the 2012 restoration of the car
  • Looking Back to the Future – A 9-part documentary about the trilogy
  • Back to the Future: The Animated Series – Two episides from the 1991 show
  • 2015 Commercials – Jaws 19 and the Hoverboard
  • Tales from the Future – 6-part documentary
  • The Physics of the Movies
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Q&A with Michael J. Fox
  • Archival Featurettes
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Music Videos
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Back to the Future: The Ride

In case you don’t remember, all of the movies are rated PG, and so are great for families, with parental guidance. I, for one, plan to keep a digital copy on my laptop, always at the ready for entertaining myself (and the kids, I hope) when out and about.

The Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray is only $29.64, available now, and the DVD version is about $23. If you don’t already own a box set of this trilogy and you’re a fan, be sure to get this set. It is a fantastic collection of many hours of extras, in addition to the movies themselves.

Note: GeekMom received a copy of the Blu-ray for review purposes.

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