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Kids love to create and come up with some of the most ingenious stories and drawings. They don’t always follow the kind of progression that adults come to expect, and setting them off on their creative journey while they are young will help them continue to be creative as they grow. It’s important to capture this development, but sometimes they (or you) run out of ideas for what to have them do.

If your kids’ interests at all include superheroes, comic books, drawing, or telling stories, be sure to check out The Superhero Comic Kit by Laurence King Publishing. This oversized drawing kit includes plenty of tear-out pages for practicing drawing superheroes and supervillains, as well as for creating your own comic books. The pages fold together and kids can create 10 different eight-page comics. There are some warm-up activities to get their drawing muscles going, with stickers in the back to help them fill out their scenes. Most of the comics have text or captions to help them get the story going as well, but what they draw is up to them.

My daughter's front and back page. Photo: Jenny Bristol
My daughter’s front and back page. Photo: Jenny Bristol

My kids, though they are mostly older than the recommended 7-11 age range, thoroughly enjoyed creating with this book. They shared the warm-up drawings and took turns choosing superhero storylines to create. My son’s first choice was the one about a swamp creature, and my daughter’s was about a secret HQ. My son’s contents were more of the “ha ha” funny type of comic, whereas my daughter made more of an effort to create a meaningful story that makes sense.

An interior spread in my son's comic book. Photo: Jenny Bristol
An interior spread in my son’s comic book. Photo: Jenny Bristol

What kinds of comics do your kids like to draw? Are they full of action and plenty of intense images, or are they more story-driven with dialogue and character development? Using an activity such as The Superhero Comic Kit is a great afterschool or homeschool activity as well, to help develop drawing, handwriting, and storytelling skills.

For kids who have trouble getting stories down on paper, drawing comic books is a perfect gateway activity to more text-based writing later on. They can focus on their strengths and practice the things they struggle more on. Give your kids plenty of positive messages as feedback and they will be encouraged to keep creating.

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Top Image: Laurence King Publishing

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