DragonConTV Preview: “Sold It Off,” A Star Wars/Taylor Swift Tribute

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Image credit: “Sold It Off” screenshot, DragonConTV

Each year before Dragon Con, we bring you a preview of what’s to come on DragonConTV. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, DCTV streams to the con’s host hotel rooms and is shown in between panels. It features a combination of Adult Swim style bumpers, music videos, and assorted parodies.

This year there’s a new Star Wars movie on its way, and that’s prime DCTV fodder. The result is their musical tribute to Taylor Swift and Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens: “Sold It Off,” a parody of “Shake It Off.” You can watch it now (before Dragon Con!) below, and check out some of the older fun on their YouTube channel.

Starring Rachel Pendergrass as Princess Swift and Rory Gordon as George Lucas.
Written by Stephen Granade and Brian Richardson.
Directed by Brian Richardson and Tommy Byrd.
Video Editing and Music Production by Tommy Byrd.
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